Yeast bread v0.3 breakfast update!

After that bread cooled and was refrigerated over night, it became a bit crumbly, leaning a bit more towards the yeast-free cakey texture. With the maize flour, it’s a drier bread than the potato flour bread, so I guess it’s to be expected… Maybe a corny bread needs more oil? Not sure! But too much moisture and the bread won’t rise… tricky! Although I did toast it for breakfast as well, and drown it in baked beans… that could also be a factor.

In other news, I’ve lost weight recently. I think I’ve been eating a little better, but not much. I put it down to a combination of eating gluten-free and getting more exercise. I think I’ve (a) been getting more good carbs and more fibre with all the test baking, and (b) I’ve been burning it off!

The interesting part is that I don’t run out of energy rockclimbing anymore – instead I graze my too-soft-for-climbing hands until I can stand it no more, and that’s when I quit climbing. My muscles recover quicker as well, and don’t pump up too much – or, rather, they don’t stay pumped up as long… This vegan diet (+ gluten-free) has given me much better endurance.. When I build up harder skin on my hands again, it will be interesting to see how many hours I can climb for before I need a rest.

Carbs + fibre = win + ENERGY. And I see no bowel cancer in my future! Haha. *hugs veganism*

Speaking of which, this is a cool – if slightly grotesque – bumper sticker:
yhst 17800188898367 1935 4522940 Yeast bread v0.3 breakfast update!
(from Food Fight in the USA)

pixel Yeast bread v0.3 breakfast update!
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  • Helen

    I’m so glad to have found your site. My daughter has myriad food allergies – gluten, most grass like grains, dairy, meat, fish, poultry, eggs etc. I’ve been working with recipes, trying to alter them to accommodate her requirements, but have not yet found a good yeast bread recipe, so am looking forward to trying yours.
    My sister lives close to a bakery which has just decided to produce gluten/dairy free bread – one loaf made with rice flour, and the other with a variety of flours, and they are both delicious. Unfortunately, I would have to drive 300 miles and pay over $5.Cdn per loaf, so I will be watching your recipe developments with a great deal of interest. Thanks for taking the time.

  • reneeb

    The last loaf hasn’t been the most loved, although I quite liked the taste… it was heavier than a potato flour one… But I have always been a fan of heavy-style breads. Not quite Russian black bread… but still! Gluten-free bread turns out somewhere between that and wholewheat…

  • Marilyn Stolz

    It’s a snap to become a vegan, even a non-gluten vegan. But try eliminating sucrose and try to find variety, ease and no hecklers! For health reasons I do not eat sugar in any form, including lactose, glucose and sucrose. I don’t eat meat or animal by-products. I want my food raw if possible. Where can I find support, information and ideas. Lots of vegan blogs make wonderful things, but use fruit or wheat flour. Help!!!

    • Renee

      I’d look for a 2nd or 3rd opinion. Fruit is an essential component of the human diet. There are other dietary components that interfere with sugar in the system. Eliminating natural, unprocessed sugar treats the symptom, not the cause of the problems. I suggest looking into Gabriel Cousen’s books. While raw-based, he outlines a system of reducing and re-introducing wholefood sugars into the diet that can be adapted to raw and cooked diets.

  • Marilyn Stolz

    Oh yeah, one more element of difficulty. I can’t have root vegetables high on the glycemic index such as potatoes, carrots or beets.