Purplish Mini-Pancakes of Doom

I’m sure these brownish-purplish creations aren’t everyone’s idea of sexy food, but I sure like them!

454681491 0a7793395b Purplish Mini Pancakes of Doom

What you need:
generous half cup black rice flour
generous half cup besan (chickpea) flour
heaped tablespoon baking powder
cup of soy or rice milk
splash of sunflower oil + more oil for pan

What you do:
1. Sift together flours and baking powder.
2. Create a well in flours. Pour in milk and splash of oil. Stir everything until combined.
3. Heat up oil in non-stick pan. 1 tablespoon mix = 1 minipancake. Cook on each side, medium heat, for around 2 minutes before flipping. Each pancake should be about 6-10cm across, depending on how thick/thin you want them.
4. Top with tasty sweet treats, like maple syrup and banana, or leftover cherry-apple pie mix! (see photos)

Note: these are sticky little bastards, and need oil and a non-stick surface!
Another note: if you find these too savoury (ie. the slightly stronger flour tastes bother you), you could add some sugar to the mix and/or use some boring brown or white rice flour… maybe a splash of vanilla essence, too..? although I like them simple!

454681423 d0c1bab756 Purplish Mini Pancakes of Doom

Serves 2 people at breakfast time, about 6-8 teeny pancakes each.

pixel Purplish Mini Pancakes of Doom
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