Wisdom teeth extraction

They told me I’d lose weight. I’m betting I won’t. I was too well-prepared. I have been eating the following:

Vanilla soy icecream
Kingland fruity soy yogurt
Banana/LSA/icecream/yogurt/cocoa smilkshakes
Slightly-warmed pumpkin soup
Slightly-warmed potato and leek soup
Nibbling on Medjool sugar dates

All in all, between snacking and being waited on night and day, I’m enjoying this whole experience far more than I should. All four teeth are gone, and it hasn’t been as painful as I expected.. Not pain-free, but not of head-exploding proportions either. Noice.

pixel Wisdom teeth extraction
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  • http://chose.livejournal.com/profile Celine

    fingers crossed for the “not too upsetting pain” to disappear completely or at least not get worse.

  • http://veganza.com/ reneeb

    thanks =)