Fufu! (aka French-style Scrambled Tofu)

This recipe is long overdue… so here goes…

Most scramble recipes use hard tofu. Personally, I think that’s a bit gross and far too dry… I usually use momen tofu, but silken tofu or maybe a soft medium tofu are also fine for this recipe. The softer the tofu, the more careful you have to be not to overcook it, as it will separate if you’re not careful…

These quantities are rough… if it isn’t obvious. A bit of taste-testing as you go couldn’t hurt… and you should always do that. After all, my ingredients may not be sourced from the same places as yours, and might be a little different in taste. Same goes for any and all recipes you use that you haven’t invented yourself!

Fufu! (aka French-style Scrambled Tofu)

vegetable oil (not olive, it’s too bitter for this)
large pinch of turmeric
scant tablespoon Braggs soy sauce (or another gluten-free dark soy sauce or tamari)
scant tablespoon savoury yeast flakes (aka nutritional yeast)
mushrooms, sliced (2-4 buttons)
spinach or chard, chopped (around a large handful)
half a block of momen (silken to medium) tofu (around 375g)
salt and pepper
toast & tomato wedges to serve
1187324152 503d15c514 Fufu! (aka French style Scrambled Tofu)

1. In a non-stick frying pan, heat up a little oil on high heat. Fry mushrooms until near done, then add spinach, stir until just wilted.
2. Turn down heat to low. Push mushrooms and spinach to the side. Add a splash more oil, and fry the turmeric for a few seconds.
1187324888 50fe07779d Fufu! (aka French style Scrambled Tofu)

3. Add tofu to pan, breaking it roughly.
1187325622 4adf9278a2 Fufu! (aka French style Scrambled Tofu)
Add soy sauce, savory yeast flakes, a little salt and pepper.
1186466985 8cc79e36d0 Fufu! (aka French style Scrambled Tofu)
Stir until combined.
1187327092 2279494a83 Fufu! (aka French style Scrambled Tofu)

4. Stir the mushrooms and spinach into the scramble. Stir gently until tofu is heated through. (Do not overcook, or the water will separate from the tofu!).
1187327844 a1fb65c882 Fufu! (aka French style Scrambled Tofu)

5. Serve over gluten-free toast, with a side of tomato wedges.
1187328566 5a4d3b52f2 Fufu! (aka French style Scrambled Tofu)

+ You can do this without the mushrooms and spinach, but they really lift the flavour. Other things I add sometimes include: diced shallots, diced green beans, chopped kale.
+ Some people like adding dried mixed herbs to their scramble… I don’t! Yuck. (I’m a purist about my scramble, can you tell?) Sometimes I add a TINY bit of chopped fresh basil or parsley.
+ This is a good base recipe for scrambled tofu. You could add all sorts of things to it… but I like it nice and simple. I think breakfast should be quick and easy! If you’re going to do a big cooked breakfast, you could do some sides like gluten-free soy sausages, tempeh bacon, cooked tomatoes, avocado, salsa, and cook the spinach and mushrooms separately with garlic.
+ Nutritional/savoury yeast is not the same as other yeasts, like brewers yeast or whatnot. DO NOT REPLACE WITH OTHER YEASTS or it will taste rather awful. Go down to your health food shop and harass them until they give you some. It’s tasty and worth the effort, and you can also make vegan cheese out of it… and I’ll be posting recipes for cheese soon!


And on another note…

This isn’t organic, sadly, but… check this out:
1186464283 ece81e71ba Fufu! (aka French style Scrambled Tofu)
2.5kg cans of tomato! Big enough for ya? … Yep. It sure is. Methinks these cans will keep me going for a while…

pixel Fufu! (aka French style Scrambled Tofu)
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  • http://chose.livejournal.com/profile Celine

    this scramble must be absolutely mind-blowing, but its name is what deserves an award for now!

  • http://veganteencuisine.blogspot.ca/ Peggy

    Fufu! haha, I love it! Looks yummy too, of course.

    I love your blog, by the way- especially all the pictures!

  • http://www.bookofyum.com/blog/ Seamaiden

    I have always used firm tofu for my scrambled tofu but after seeing your pics- I think I may have to change my evil ways! I will definitely be trying this- looks very very yummy.

  • http://www.vegansecrets.com/blog/ Rebecca

    Yummo, this recipe looks and sounds great, I will have to try this one real soon … I love tofu scramble anytime of the day. Love your blog by the way! Check out my Vegan Blog

  • http://www.myspace.com/hologlam Kyle

    your website makes me so happy! As a vegan venturing, at least temporarily, into the land of gluten-free foods, it’s very reassuring to see so many awesome recipes. Keep up the good work!

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  • matthew

    Great recipe and pictures. For my tofu scramblers I normally chop up all of the ingredients the night before I make it, and put them in a tuperware container in the fridge over night. I find that it allows the tofu to absorb the flavor of the veggies, especially onions. My normal ingredients are tomatoes, spinach, scallions, leaks, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and avocado to add on at the end.