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Hey, world! I’m still well and truly alive… I haven’t posted in ages. Between the holiday break, summertime, the glorious drought-breaking rains (well, not quite drought-breaking, but getting there!), family illnesses, a car accident, insurance issues, wedding planning, drama, drama, drama… I just haven’t found the time or energy to post! Sorry, guys.

I’ll be starting up again soon, not just with recipes but also with animal rights rants/info. You see, veganism is a lifestyle that advocates and protects the rights of animals to live free of harm and abuse, it’s not just a diet – the diet is called “vegetarian” (yep, that’s a note to all you “dietary vegans” – check your vocab, get accurate, and stop making it hard on the rest of us! No animal products means no animal products, not just in the kitchen but in the bathroom and the wardrobe, too!).

Also, one further note… I’ve been getting the odd comment over my break along the lines of: “thanks for the blog! gluten-free AND vegan = yay! More, please!” and the like. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks, guys! It’s fantastic… But! (and there’s always a “but”)… I have also been getting the odd whinge about how “limiting” a vegan gluten-free diet is… I have a quick response for that: ABSOLUTE CRAP. To put it bluntly.

Seriously… Gluten-free vegans cut out only a few nasty pseudo-foods: pieces of animal corpses, animal fluids, and a few icky grains… so what’s left? There are 7,000 edible plants in the world, so there’s probably still around 6,900 plants you can eat at least (are their even 100 foods with gluten in them? I doubt it!). Open your eyes! If it really looks grim to you, then you need to get out of the crap local chain supermarkets you’re going to and get your butt down to a health store, an independent grocery store, or out to a farmers market. Eat fresher, it’s better! By sticking to mostly fresh produce you’ll avoid gluten and wheat additives that hide in some processed “foods”. Please. And stop complaining. There really is no need. These foods taste great and they’re all around you!…

Okay, yes, I’ll admit it: I have felt your pain, truly I have. I, too, was blind to the plethora of foods available to we lucky, over-privileged folks in the western world. My first month or two going vegan I was a bit lost. Then I got myself a spare day on the weekend, and went on a grocery shopping adventure and found out that produce is almost limitless. Every time I go to the produce market I always see fresh plant food that I’ve yet to try… mainly because I have no clue what to do with it. Then, later on, my first month or two cooking gluten-free was a sticky nightmare of several different flours… but they came together into glorious bread and cake creations in the end. So c’mon – I’ve done the hard yards, as have other gluten-free and vegan cooks out there, so you don’t have to! Read some recipes, go get the ingredients, follow the recipe, and there you have it: food! Edible, tasty, and everything! Easy peasy. Staring at recipes doesn’t help food appear. Buy some stuff, cook a little… get out there and live your life! Don’t waste it complaining about what you don’t have. If you’ve got an internet connection and the time to use it, you can probably afford the time and money to go out into the big scary world to buy a bowl of rice, a potato, an apple, some lentils, or maybe even some flour to make a loaf of gluten-free bread… at the very, very least. Living compassionately and being healthy is fun and rewarding. Get into the swing of it!

A teeny, weeny, tiny, itty, bitty bit of persistence is all that’s called for… if that. It’s not a lot to ask of yourself. Anything really worth doing in life is worth a thought or two, and a little bit of energy every now and then. Avoiding causing harm to animals makes veganism worth it alone – it’s about animal health, not my health! But, then, the health benefits of veganism combined with going gluten-free (for allergies/digestive health – it’s not an ethical statement to pass on wheat/gluten!) make it doubly worth it. Conveniently: protecting animal health = protecting my health. (Karma, anyone?!) Additionally, animal industries create more pollution than all other industries on the planet combined, so eating vegan is the best thing you can do for the environment, too. Veganism is just awesome, period. But you knew that already, right? (If not, here’s a good, quick overview: “about veganism“).

So… Coming up soon I’ll be posting some recipes, talking about issues of animal rights and welfare, and whatever else takes my fancy. (Remind me to post my wedding reception menu after we sit down with the chef and work it out – exciting!) I’ve been trying out some “raw food” recipes – which are all gluten-free-friendly – so I’ll include a few of those as well, including some fancy dehydrated bread and cracker experiments. I’m also really into fruit smoothies with spirulina at present – they’re a tasty breakfast! Spirulina has virtually no taste, but it packs an energy punch like nothing else.

Happy 2008! Hope you are well & rocking out, vegan-style.
Catch you again soon! Hart! xo

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  • Renee

    Official lyrics to PC Fascist by Propagandhi (link in post to vid), in case anyone’s interested, from


    Some of my otherwise brilliant and productive friends (like scoundrels and their flags) take final refuge in character assassinations; they ignore the issue and deny the relation between our consumption and brutality. So you can go ahead and roll your eyes and marginalize me/socially penalize me: play on my insecurities. And you can feign ignorance, but you’re not stupid, you’re just selfish. And you’re a slave to your impulse. And I kinda thought we all shared common threads in that we gravitated here to challenge the conventions we’ve been fed by a culture that treats (living, breathing, feeling) creatures like (biological) machines. And if you buy that shit then how long ’til it’s me who serves as your commodity? Through (for example), institutionalized violence and oppression of workers and women raped by sexism (and how about native americans?). Do you still insist on feigning indignance (aka: indignation) to reason? To collective self-interest? Tell you what- I’ll call you on your shit, PLEASE CALL ME ON MINE. Then we can grow together and make this shit-hole planet better in time. So why not consider someone else: STOP CONSUMING ANIMALS.

  • Toffee

    Yay, you´re back, I found your blog not so long ago and have enjoyed reading it.

  • Courtney

    Great to see you back! I hope all is well with you and that your drama has settled down a bit.

    We have missed your posts!

  • Tara

    Um, not to be rude, but you sound kind of angry, and it’s not welcoming to people who are new to the idea of veganism and considering going for it. If you want people to accept you and your ideas, shouldn’t you be loving and accepting towards them? I’m not saying you have to agree with them, or like them, or even allow comments on your blog that you disagree with, but the angry ranting is a big turnoff.


  • Renee

    Um… I’m not angry or ranting. I’m explaining my position, and I thought with good humour… Perhaps you are interpreting that way because you don’t agree with everything I said and find it slightly irritating or confronting?… I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s very difficult to interpret “tone of speech” from blogs and it’s better not to try…

    Thanks, I guess… o_O

  • Jenna

    I just wanted to say thank you for your blog! I am a college senior and a fairly new vegan (the past year), and recently diagnosed with celiac disease. I really love the recipes and the blog and look forward to reading more! thanks again.

  • Maddy

    So I’m here to hunt down alternative pizza bases, but……ah, the recipes are over there…!

  • vegan blog tracker

    I just stumbled across your blog. Sounds like you’re hella busy – I look forward to things normalizing a bit so you can start posting again. :-)