Vegan Wedding Reception!

This is the shiznit. I’m almost looking forward to my wedding now! Here’s our 5-star 3-course meal that we’re having at a veg-friendly restaurant on the river. It will be followed by a gluten-free vegan wedding cake as well, made by the nice cake making folks at the The Forest. These photos aren’t much good, but you can thank/abuse Nokia for putting crap cameras in their phones. You could also thank/abuse us for not remembering to take a decent camera with us to the food test-run, but you’re just not the sort of person who’d do that, right? We’re all friends here, right? Hugs for all! Anyway… The food was all very nice, moderately stodgy, simple, rather darn tasty 5-star fare, with a forktonne of that more-expensive-than-gold mushroomy truffle oil stuff poured over half of it. Yumbo!


2299812804 3284be1320 Vegan Wedding Reception!
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Stack with Roast Tomato Sauce and Red Onion Marmalade.

2299812848 c3a28fd816 Vegan Wedding Reception!
Grilled Field Mushrooms, Toasted Olive Bread Asparagus and Truffle Oil.


2299017241 7dd159d18a Vegan Wedding Reception!
Ragout of French Lentils, Spinach, Kipfler Potatoes and Macadamia Gremolata.

2299812700 24c269f91c Vegan Wedding Reception!
Porcini Mushroom Risotto, Stemmed Asparagus and Truffle Oil.


2299812662 d1b1af3193 Vegan Wedding Reception!
Glazed Mango, Sauternes Syrup, Strawberry Sorbet

2299812586 a2810f373f Vegan Wedding Reception!
Poached Yellow Peaches, Fresh Raspberries, White Peach Soup

Wow, tasty AND healthy? Ouch. Yes, veganism is awesome! All the animals get to benefit, including me. Everything except for the second entrée is gluten-free, but the vegan bit is the most important! Closely followed by the tasty bit! And there’s still a fancy gluten-free wedding cake to come. Don’t forget the cake. Who could forget cake? Not me, that’s for sure.

P.S. Happy Leap Day!

pixel Vegan Wedding Reception!
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  • Courtney

    I didn’t even realize you were getting married–congratulations! That food looks amazing–how exciting!


  • Andrew

    That raspberry dish in particular looks awesome, agh! :D

  • Kaylen

    That is a brilliant menu! Wow. Hope it tastes as good as it looks.

  • Kristy

    which state in Australia do you reside?

    I want to go to that restaurant!!!!

  • Renee

    The restaurant is at South Bank on the boardwalk in Brisbane, & listed on the Veg Society Qld website too:

  • Daniella

    Thanks so much for publishing this blog and I think it’s so great that you had a vegan wedding! So many of us compromise too much, we need to remember whose bodies we are “compromising” …..

    Thanks again

  • sandrananda

    Wow! I’m looking for a glutenfree wedding cake recipe. What one did you make?We like the idea of a fruit loaf covered in marzipan and white chocolate icing. Anyone know any good recipes?

  • Renee

    My cake is being made by the lovely caking-making folks from the Forest:

  • pen

    Hey, I hope the whole vegan gluten-free wedding thing went well. We ended up trying to do gluten-free vegan, but the caterers sort of messed up (it was vegan and only three of the eight courses were gluten-free), but we baked our own wedding cupcakes so at least we knew they were fine.

  • Renee

    Our wedding stuff worked out fine! The cake was made by someone who makes gluten-free cakes for a local vegan cafe, so that was pretty reliable! The restaurant did good, also, and even sorted out a vegan alcohol/wine menu for us. :)

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  • oniontears

    That looks delicious! You have given me ideas for my wedding, since some of my less adventurous guests are already complaining. Where did you find your caterer? I’m looking at now and found some good options. Thanks.

    • Renee

      I went to a vegetarian-friendly 5-star restaurant (found via the local veg society) and met with the chefs a couple of times. We came up with the food and drink menu together. It was no more difficult than any other wedding! Our cake was made by a local gluten-free vegan cake specialist. We looked into caterers and venue hire, which would have been a little cheaper, but the restaurant was way easier and in a great location.