Pasta-free "Pasta" in Marinara Sauce

Who needs fake-o imitation-wheat pastas? I quite like the buckwheat pasta I’ve tried, but the rice/corn pasta? Not so much. But, there’s another alternative! And it’s fresh, tasty, and energising. Essentially, it’s a salad with good quality marinara sauce stirred through. Freshly blended up sauce really is the key to it. It’s damn goooooooood.

Here’s a half-asparagused photo:

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Okay, it’s half-eaten, but look at the colours! Orange, purple, green, red! Aint it purrrrty?

Here’s the recipe:

(for just one serve – double for 2 serves, triple for 3! etc!)
1 carrot
an eighth of a purple/red cabbage
1-2 handfuls of rocket (arugula) or baby spinach (or other favourite leafy green)
1 large tomato, chopped
2-3 sundried tomatoes or semi-dried tomatoes, chopped
¼ cup favourite fresh herbs, chopped OR 1 tabsp dried herbs
1 tabsp extra virgin olive oil
½ clove garlic
small splash of lemon juice (or lime)
add salt to taste

To make the “pasta” -
Peel the skin off the carrot, toss away. Continue to peel layers off the remainder of the carrot, into long lengths, creating “fettucini”. Thinly slice the cabbage and pull layers apart to get long, thin, noodle-like strips of cabbage. Finally, roughly chop the rocket and toss it all together. (You want roughly equal parts of carrot strips, cabbage strips, and rocket).
To make the marinara sauce -
In a blender, combine all remaining ingredients until smooth. If the sauce is very runny, add more sundried tomatoes to thicken it. Add salt to taste.
To serve -
Toss the sauce through the pasta. Done!

Optional: You can sprinkle nutritional yeast or black pepper on top if you like. Or, alternatively, sprinkle with seedy nut sprinkles! See below…

Herb suggestions: a Italian-style mix of basil, oregano, marjoram, thyme, and rosemary.

Also: bitter greens work best with the pasta, like rocket or kale, to balance out the sweetness of the carrot. Zucchini is also a popular raw “fettucini” but I find the water leeches out really quick and mucks up the sauce, plus it’s a bit bland.

Seedy Nut Sprinkles
¼ cup almonds
¼ cup sesame seeds
2 tablespoons nutritional yeast flakes
1-2 teasp miso paste (depends on the strength/saltiness of your miso)
Generous pinch of sea salt

Grind nuts & seeds to a powder in a food processor or a spice grinder/mill. Add everything else and process until combined. Store in a jar in the freezer. If you are allergic to nuts or sesame seeds, just make the recipe wholly with almonds or wholly with sesame seeds. Add more or less miso and salt after taste testing. The sprinkles may clump up in the freezer, so just shake it, shake shake shake it up, baby, before use.

I’ve been getting into simple raw foods over summer (I’m in the southern hemisphere, people!). They are so darn quick to make, and very energising and refreshing. Plus, there’s no heat in the kitchen, and less energy is used in preparation. So you can save the animals, save the environment, and eat pretty darn well while you’re doing it. Nice.

pixel Pasta free "Pasta" in Marinara Sauce
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  • juusan

    oooh, you have to try a spiralizer. I have one and it’s a ton of fun… yay for zucchini pasta!

    there’s one on amazon that I really like.

  • Renee

    I know! I’ve looked everywhere for a spiraliser. Bloody Australian shops are useless!

  • Courtney

    That is such a beautiful dish! It sounds great too…do you think that canned tomatoes would work okay for the fresh? Here where it is winter, the “fresh” tomatoes are mealy and not worth buying at the moment!


  • Renee

    Canned tomatoes aren’t raw for starters, they’re heated during processing. Plus due to being heated they are somewhat liquidated. You’d need to add more sundried tomatoes, and possibly a chopped date or a splash of agave nectar to counteract the acidity of the canned tomatoes.

    Where I live tomatoes are pretty much in-season all year round… it’s odd to hear that they can’t be bought fresh..!

  • Sarah

    Whooooo-hooooooo! I am thrilled to find your blog. As a gluten-free vegan myself (GF since 2006, vegan since 2005, vegetarian since 1990) I haven’t been able to make many recipes from the gluten-free and vegan blogs I subscribe to. But you bring it all together!

    Looking forward to being an avid reader (and preparer/sharer of recipes!) :-)

    –Sarah in Southern California, US

  • garshleyentertainment

    mmmmm… I’m going to try that tonight and get back to ya.

  • Laura

    I still think Tinkyada pasta is excellent for GF stuff. It tastes just the same to me and is pretty healthy bc it’s brown rice. I hate the quinoa-based and the clear colored white rice ones. they are not good.

  • Renee

    Tinkyada? Never heard of it. Bah. Australia has limited options. My favourite gf cooked pasta is Orgran buckwheat spirals.

  • Tegan

    Hey Renee! Just wanted to say thank you so much for this blog. I thought a gluten-free vegan diet would be the end of my love affair with muffins and other delicious foods, but you’ve shown me that it needn’t be so!

    This recipe looks like one of the tastiest raw pastas I’ve seen. As a fellow Australian, I feel your pain in the lack of nifty raw-food accessories available. If you’re looking for one, I found a spiraliser at :)

    - Tegan

  • Renee

    Hey, Tegan. I got a spiraliser from raw-pleasure a few months ago! It’s great. Thanks :)