Arthritis: who needs it?

Vegans sure don’t!

Rheumatoid arthritis patients may be able to improve their symptoms by switching to a vegan and gluten-free diet, a study in Sweden has found…

… At the same time, the vegans developed a lower body mass index, had lower levels of bad cholesterol and higher levels of immune system factors that potentially inhibit the inflammatory reaction. The research was reported in the journal Arthritis Research and Therapy.

Check out the full article here:
Vegan diet may ease arthritis, study finds
· Reduced swelling hints at unexpected immunity link
· Research raises hope for rheumatoid patients
James Randerson, science correspondent
The Guardian, Tuesday March 18 2008

pixel Arthritis: who needs it?
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  • happy herbivore

    referenced you in an article :)

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  • Gluten Free Diet

    Hi. My wife’s uncle in celiac and 60 yo. He eats vegan and gluten free and he eats like a horse. He is also as skinny as a rake but as fit and healthy as a 20 yo. He is a great example of someone on long term vegan and gluten free and how healthy they can be. Regards.

  • Andrea

    Hi. I’m 29 and have had JRA for 25 years. I will try any diet if it will help my arthritis. I started eating vegan and gluten free 3 weeks ago. It’s very difficult but I’m hoping it will help since I’m not on my meds right now. The only thing I’m worried about is malnutrition. I’ve been eating lots of beans, fruit, veggies, brown rice, soy milk, dark green leafy veggies, gluten free deserts w egg replacements. I’m taking a multi vitamin but I’m not sure if there’s anything missing. It’s hard doing it on your own and I’m trying to get pregnant again so I know I need iron and folic acid. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks!

    • Renee

      No need to worry about malnutrition on a vegan diet! Most people thrive on a vegan diet, & gluten-free tends to be even more varied. Variety is key, & it sounds like you’re on the right track. It gets easier with some practice! Fun, too.

      The only things to check on are B12 & vitamin D (if you don’t get much sun), which are both available in supplements at – they also have great pregnancy vitamins. My understanding is that for arthritis you might want to try supplements with high doses omega oils – flaxseeds, chia seeds, & supplements. Might want to read The China Study – I believe that had some info on arthritis.

      If you’re eating heaps of dark leafy greens, you’ll be getting plenty of folic acid btw! :D & one serve of baked beans = 50% of your iron requirement for 1 day! & Make sure you’re also eating vitamin C for better iron uptake.

      Maybe try talking to a vegan dietician, too:

      Check out local vegan societies & restaurants for support, too!

    • Renee

      Ginger contains compounds similar to anti-arthritis drugs. Might want to try eating/juicing more of that, too!