2008 aduki award winners announced

aduki independent press announced the winners of the best vegan stuff in Australia over here. Winners included Green Gourmet in Sydney as best restaurant, and Melbourne as the most vegan-friendly city in Australia. (A shame the Forest in Brisbane wasn’t nominated for an award! Especially considering the awesome gluten-free vegan wedding cake they made for me & my new husband… a-hem.) The best Aussie vegblog was voted as Viva La Vegan. On their “about” page you’ll find this interesting tidbit:

With an estimated 30% of the population identifying with vegetarian ideals this number is set to increase following such wide-spread panic garnered from the consuming of animal products which lead to mad cow disease and chicken ‘flu.

Though only a small amount of the population actually observe a vegetarian diet, 10-15% of people aged between 18-35 are vegetarian and of this amount, between one third and a half are practising vegans.*

With a predominantly young vegan population a high percentage of these people are internet literate thus the need for a central place for all vegans from all areas of the globe to unite on one website.

*Vegetarian Resource Group

Nice to hear that among my peers there are plenty of sophisticated, animal-rights-aware folks. Rock on.

pixel 2008 aduki award winners announced
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  • http://cupcakekitteh.blogspot.ca/ Mandee/Kitteh

    Love the Aduki awards! Also, great to see another gluten-free vegan!


  • http://veganza.com/ Renee

    Hi! Nice to meet you. You’ve got gorgeous kitty photos on your blog!