June already? No recent posts? Must be time for a rambly update…

Winter has arrived here in the southern hemisphere, and we’ve had flooding rains and all sorts of “fun” around my city.

The cold weather has meant our feline companions have become extra needy and have been progressively taking up more and more space on the end of our bed at night, leaving less and less room for us and interrupting our sleep! We could shut the door, I suppose… but that would probably just result in a howling cat duet outside the door.

My husband and I have also been renovating our bathroom, and we’re just about done – just waiting on some tiles to arrive so we can finish fixing up the walls. There’s also the possibility we might be moving in the not-to-distant future, but we’re still working on the details, so more on that later.

I’ve been eating more and more “raw food” as well. This doesn’t have much to do with veganism particularly, as I’m largely of the ethical vegan variety, and view the diet/health part and ecological benefits as secondary to the liberation/welfare of commodified/abused animals. The combination of my husband being diagnosed gluten-intolerant a while back and my reading the Campbell’s China Study at an earlier point has led me to investigate healthy eating alternatives within the framework of a cruelty-free lifestyle, and – while a plant-based diet already seems to be the healthiest option as far as nutrition is concerned – there’s no harm in going further and improving healthy eating beyond the minimum. I was never much of a junk food person to start off with (besides potato chips… fried tater = love), and my husband has always been a bit of a “foodie” preferring fancy creations made from unprocessed wholefoods. And you can’t get more wholefoodie than raw and fresh.

I picked up a copy of Ani Phyo‘s Raw Food Kitchen a few months back and have been trying out the recipes, and I have to say I’m pretty darn impressed by the raw food style of “uncooking.” Most of the foods are incredibly tasty, and I’ve been brimming over with energy. It’s quite surprising. It’s not a hugely noticeable improvement, as I was already eating a pretty decent diet and in great health, but I’m certainly perkier and sleeping less, as is my gluten-intolerant husband. Since I started increasing raw foods in my diet in January I haven’t had so much as a sniffle, and between the stress of a wedding and a family funeral combined with a background of chronic hayfever, I think that’s probably something worth writing home about. I can still have my black forest cake and eat it, too, except now it’s made out of brazil nuts, dates, carob and other goodies that form a surprisingly awesome cake that is probably among the tastiest damn cakes I’ve ever chomped on (and I’ve chomped quite a few!). And I can eat the whole damn cake while losing weight at the same time – it’s a lazy person’s dream diet! Ha. (Except that the higher energy levels mean you’re actually driven to want to exercise! Which is probably not such a bad thing, either.)

Still, it’s a separate issue to the ethical vegan life, insofar as it’s only of obvious benefit is to myself (although with the increase in local fresh foods and decrease in packaging it’s probably a tad less environmentally destructive, which is useful). I’m not going to go on about that too much here. This blog is supposed to be about supporting gluten-free vegan living, not a health programme as such, beyond the absence of gluten. Veganism is for animal rights and liberation, not personal gain/health or “just a diet.” Still, given my interest in the health/gluten intolerance areas, it’s probably a little comforting to know that my recipes – if you do try them out – are unlikely to aggravate digestive problems, hey? Ha. They might even assist with health improvements…

So if “raw” recipes start featuring more heavily, this is why. The most equipment-heavy stuff I’ll post will use a blender or food processor at most, other than the dehydrated raw bread I’ve already posted. I don’t have the intention of going 100% raw any time soon, as “My Husband, The Scientist” – in addition to his digestive system being a severe critic – is quite critical of the biological/chemical/nutritional science expounded by proponents of the “raw movement.” My Husband, The Scientist won’t tolerate any blind-faithy, airy-fairy, feel-goodery, fluffy-bunny nonsense in our kitchen! And fair enough, too – all that unscientific mumbo-jumbo would probably knock our chakras out of alignment… um.

What else? More recipes coming soon. And perhaps the most important news I’ve saved for last: I’m adopting some mice that have been rescued! I’ll post photos and stories of the little guys soon.

pixel June already? No recent posts? Must be time for a rambly update...
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  • tuimeltje

    Gotta love scientists.

    And mice! Yay!

    Just curious. How do your ratties mix with your catties?

  • http://happyveganface.blogspot.ca/ jessy

    yay for incorporating more raw foods into your diet! i’m excited so see some fun raw recipes! and i can’t wait to see some cute mice pictures, too! w00t! :)

  • http://veganza.com/ Renee

    My ratties don’t mix with my catties! Mao – the fluffy white chinchilla – is disdainful of everyone, including the rats, and avoids the cage entirely. When we first brought Fuji home from the refuge, he was rather interested in the cage until Alice went flying at him and nipped his nose. He prefers to observe any rattie goings on from a very safe distance now! Rats do tend to have the upper hand with cats, as they’re quite confident and naturally territorial, particularly with human supervisors that make them feel safe. I wouldn’t leave Alice running about outside her cage by herself just in case Fuji took too close an interest one day – I’m not sure whether cat or rat would get injured in that case, but it’s better to avoid it entirely! Rattie teeth can be nasty, what with all that nut & seed cracking and gnawing through concrete walls that they’re capable of.

    FYI: I put a link to your blog on my page!

  • Courtney

    Oooo…I am looking forward to some raw recipes! I have always been interested in eating more raw, but have been intimidated by the recipes/equiptment needed. I am excited to see your uncomplicated raw recipes!


  • http://www.KristensRaw.blogspot.ca/ Kristen’s Raw

    Cheers to Raw :) I frequently post various Raw Vegan recipes on my blog that you might enjoy.

    China Study – amazing, life-changing book. It led my boyfriend into a vegan life.

    Have a terrific day :)

  • tuimeltje

    Really? I had not expected that!

  • http://happyveganface.blogspot.ca/ jessy

    thanks so much, Renee! i love your blog, and it makes me superhappyfaced that you linked me! you rock so hard!

    oh, and i picked up the Raw Food Kitchen book this past weekend! i can’t wait to try some of Ani’s recipes out – they look so awesome!

    yay for raw foods!