Vegan Wedding Eats Around the World

It’s not just me and my husband with a vegan wedding reception menu and towering cake:

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(Created by Jane at The Forest (who also made cakes for Pamela Anderson on her recent visit to Australia).)

Comedienne/talk show host Ellen and her Aussie Arrested Development actress Portia de Rossi also had a vegan wedding:

“After exchanging rings, the couple and their guests enjoyed an all-vegan menu and vegan red velvet wedding cake.” [link]

The all-vegan meal was created by personal chef David Silberkleit, and Sweet Lady Jane created a vegan red velvet cake.

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FIRST LOOK: Ellen & Portia’s Wedding Album


pixel Vegan Wedding Eats Around the World
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  • Theresa

    Ooh, thanks for posting this, I’m starting to think about planning a vegan wedding so inspiration is definitely welcome!

  • Dawn

    So pretty ! I’m so glad it was a vegan wedding!