Psychological blind spots

People “prefer” the meat version of foods, even if… it tastes, looks, and feels exactly the darn same.

“An ingenious study just published in the Journal of Consumer Research has provided a striking demonstration that taste perceptions and product preferences are strongly influenced by our personal values – to the point where people who believe in the importance of social authority perceived a sausage roll labelled as vegetarian as far inferior to a ‘meat’ version, even though they ate the same sausage roll on both occasions.

The same result appeared whether the participants actually ate meat or vegetarian sausage rolls, and the participants couldn’t reliably distinguish the two in any condition.”

Anti-veg prejudice is fascinating… if a little bit sad, given all the unnecessary animal suffering, environmental degradation, and health problems that result from people’s alleged “preferences.”

Read the whole article here!

pixel Psychological blind spots
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