Cure everything!

And increase longevity! With vegan and living foods.

Free lecture found on Google videos:

60 min – Jan 4, 2007

Watch Gary Null’s Latest Incredible Lecture. This Extraordinary Presentation Was Filmed LIVE before thousands of people in Dallas, Texas. Enjoy!

Worth a watch. Good science, other good ideas, and good references. Quite a funny presentation in places (and even includes information on improving rat diets & health, too!). icon smile Cure everything!

Also, I’ve changed the header on this site to stacks of colourful fresh produce. Looks prettier! The old header was gluten-free baked bread… and I don’t bake cooked bread these days as I prefer raw flaxbread, so it didn’t seem appropriate any longer.

pixel Cure everything!
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  • Mandee

    Great looking new heading and I still need to try your raw flax bread recipe.