Sweet banana kale smoothie

This is a HUGE smoothie. I’ve been having it very regularly in the morning since I’ve been pregnant… followed by more breakfast! If you’re not pregnant, you will probably drink half, or have a few glasses of this throughout the morning.

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2 medium to large bananas
3-4 large kale leaves, torn up
10-12 almonds (preferably soaked)
1-2 brazil nuts
1 tbsp goji berries
3 dried figs, chopped
medium to large dash (bloop!) of cold-pressed linseed (flax) oil
2 cups water

Put all the ingredients in the blender & blend until smooth, then drink up & say OMNOMNOM!

Other options:
+ If the smoothie is a bit warm after blending, add up to a cup of ice and blend for another 10 seconds.
+ Add a teaspoon of cinnamon &/or sprinkle some on top.
+ Add a teaspoon of spirulina &/or a teaspoon of dairy-free probiotic powder.
+ Swap linseed oil for chia seeds, which are super-high in omega oils, & – like linseed/flax – are in the correct ratio for absorption. Note that if you let the smoothie sit around before you drink it, the chia will turn the smoothie into a thick pudding texture! & on that note, stay tuned for my chia pudding recipes!

* Note almonds are softer after soaking & blend up more easily, making a smoother milk. Soaked almonds are also sweeter! Ideal soaking time is at least 12 hours, but just a couple hours or overnight will make a big difference. Additionally: when raw seeds – including almonds – are soaked, it begins the sprouting process, during which fats begin to be converted for the growing process into other nutrients, such as protein. I keep a bowl of raw almonds (about a cup or two) soaking in water in my fridge, and I change the water every day or two.

Coming up next: raw carob cookie recipe, raw chia pudding & choc pudding recipes – all super-easy & requiring no cooking!

pixel Sweet banana kale smoothie
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  • Courtney

    Looks good! I am looking forward to the pudding recipes…yum!


  • Kristen

    Great recipe!
    What’s the key to getting the smoothie to be smooth enough, because of the kale? I’ve been trying to make a couple batches this week … once I used the Magic Bullet, the other time a food processor. Both times I end up with a gritty smoothie… lots of bits of kale left in the mouth after taking a sip.

  • http://veganza.com/ Renee

    Magic Bullet and food processors are definitely not capable of chopping up kale properly! You need a high-powered blender for that, or at least a Tribest personal/travel blender (I’ve heard these are excellent, and they’re quite low priced, although I’ve not tried these and I don’t know how long they last).

    We use a Sunbeam café series blender that chops up quite well – it’s moderately priced & with adjustable speed but the lowest speed setting is still pretty fast. Plus the plastic jug/shape of the jug is a bit awkward at times.

    For best results it’s good to invest in a Vita-Mix – rather expensive, but last forever so it’s a great investment and worth saving up for (we will eventually!), and they have a better range of adjustable speeds that makes blending smaller amounts of food and thicker mixtures easier.

  • http://veggiekorner.wordpress.com C. Kala Simmons

    Hi I had no idea of the vast choices of Vegan Blogs. I just started veggiekorner.wordpress.com. It is so exciting. I do agree a Vegan blog goes beyond the recipes….I enjoy smoothies so much, the kale smoothie looks and sounds great.
    I call it the vegetarian way…I have been a vegetarian for 38 years and a complete Vegan for almost 20. I am no longer on a soap box about it..I am just being me. Many thanks…