Creamy Banana Passion Smoothie

In the house where I grew up we had a passionfruit vine growing along the fence for some years. I recently rediscovered my passion for passionfruit thanks to some cheap summer produce & created this delicious & simple smoothie.

3178362899 2d0d3f4c59 m Creamy Banana Passion Smoothie

2 large bananas, chopped
6 passionfruit, halved
2 cups water
¾ cup almonds (soaked is best)
⅓ cup dates
1 tsp vanilla extract or ½ bean

Blend bananas, water, almonds, dates, & vanilla until smooth. Scoop out passionfruit seeds & flesh, add to blender, & whiz until well combined & seeds are broken up (into pieces around the size of black sesame seeds). Serves 4.

Don’t over-blend this one or it will froth up! If you want to make your smoothie extra-icy, add ½-1 cup of ice & blend for 10 seconds.

&here’s a bonus blurry pic of my most excellent raw pizza lunch & green juice:

3179201672 988079e191 m Creamy Banana Passion Smoothie

&for people who are counting: 11 weeks to go…

pixel Creamy Banana Passion Smoothie
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  • steph

    ooh, raw pizza! what was on it?

  • Kristen’s Raw

    Your Creamy Banana Passion Smoothie sounds divine!!!!! And YAY for Raw Pizza :)


  • Maureen

    I love passionfruit. Smart idea incorporating it into a smoothie. Yum!

  • Twisted Cinderella

    The smoothie sounds heavenly! I have never tried raw pizza. I may have to give a recipe a shot.

  • alice

    how long should one soak the almonds for? :)

    • Renee

      12 hours is ideal, then rinse.

  • 10 yrs Gluten Free

    That sounds like a nice refreshing, alkalizing beverage. Your right about soaking the almonds, its the only way.