Vegan spawn

For those keeping track… Yes, I haven’t updated in a while…

Ms Baby arrived at 41 weeks: 3.5kg (7.7lb) & in great health. She’s already put on half a kg in her 1st week of life! + slept 6hrs straight one night, giving her parents a nice rest… well, sort of. We kept waking up & checking on her!

We’ve named her after my great grandmother + grandmother: Alice Dawn. There’s a few dodgy-mobile-phone-quality photos on my Twitpics, & I’ll be uploading a few nicer shots to my Flickr & Facebook in the not-too-distant future.

Fresh new blog posts coming soon… I’m still in the process of adjusting to life with offspring! & she just woke up from her afernoon nap, so I’m off! Hope everyone is well out there in Veganland. xo

pixel Vegan spawn
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  • Mandee

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter :)

  • tuimeltje


  • The Gluten Free Vegan


  • Amber

    Congratulations on your little one!

    I just happened across your blog today but in a few minutes I already have found a wealth of great information here. Thank you, and keep writing!

  • Can Eat!


    Oh and I love your blog – I’ve added you to my blogroll on Can Eat! :)

  • Charlene

    Congratulations and thank you for your blog — I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. I’m currently doing (and blogging about) a 21-day wellness cleanse which is both vegan and gluten-free (etc). I’m learning so much, it’s making me want to continue the lifestyle after the “cleanse” is over. Thanks for the info!

    • Renee

      It’s a satisfying, fun, cruelty-free lifestyle! I hope you do continue. Please do! :)