Bioavailable B12 in mushrooms confirmed

Good news, everyone!

In early 2009, researchers at the University of Western Sydney confirmed that bio-available B12 exists in the skin & flesh of button mushrooms, 5% RDI (per 100g).

Link: shrooms!

There’s also info on the availability of vitamin D2 in mushrooms at that link. Whee!

pixel Bioavailable B12 in mushrooms confirmed
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  • Mandee

    This is good news!

  • Roses R Red

    Hi, ive just come across your blog. Thats excellent, i hadn’t heard that mushrooms have B12 in them. I have b12 injections every 3 mths…maybe if i start eating more mushrooms I wont need them!


  • kumudha

    Great blog!

  • Mary

    Your shrooms link doesn’t work.

    • Renee

      Ack, it did! I’ll re-check later & fix it.

  • Peggy (brogansmomma)

    Interesting! I’ve had to have B12 shots in the past and am trying to get by on sublingual tablets instead. I am NOT a fan of needles, to put it mildly. I need to incorporate more fresh, raw mushrooms into my diet anyway. Nice to have an additional benefit of doing so.

  • Heather

    Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I use mushrooms a lot in my vegan video recipes, but I did not think fungal b12 was available and that just makes it that much better. Thanks!

  • Ron

    I wouldn’t count on getting B12 from mushrooms or any unfortified vegan food. Play is safe – supplement.

    • Renee

      I agree, Ron.

  • semmy

    that is the very top estimate though (most) :/

  • Nile

    Great news, i will eat more mushrooms from now on

  • Chris

    Would be great to know which kind of mushrooms, but supplements or injections are the best right now.

    • Renee

      All mushrooms! I believe this study referred particularly to button mushrooms.

  • skepticalvegan

    So you would need at least 2,000 grams, over 4 lbs of shrooms a day. I would play it safe and eat plenty of fortified food and supplement if there is any worry.