Valentine’s Day is what you make it: so make it count!

If Valentine’s Day is really about love, then it’s for everyone, not just couples.

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cc Valentines Day is what you make it: so make it count! photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

And it doesn’t have to be about buying things or expensive dinners in restaurants. That’s not love (although it might be fun occasionally). Don’t buy in to the Valentine’s Day consumerist scam! Every day is for love. Don’t sell yourself short. Love is invaluable. But don’t hate on the consumerism surrounding Valentine’s Day – instead let the day be a reminder to love more… and take action!

Call your Nanna. Pat a kitty. Smile at a shy kid. Email a long-lost BFF. Chat with a neighbour you see often but rarely talk to. Apologise to an ex. Take an extra cookie to work for your boss. Give flowers – or a hug! – to a stranger. Tweet a compliment @ a random Twitter account. Invite a new friend around to watch Singin’ in the Rain or Zoolander or another fun film you love. Donate to one of your favourite charities or flood relief.

Make a commitment to sharing love with the world. Recycle more. Express yourself in peaceful language. Live a non-violent lifestyle: go vegan for the well-being of yourself and the animals and the planet – it’s easier than you think! Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, there are loads of resources and people willing to help right at your fingertips. If you’re already vegan, do some outreach: talk about it, leave some pamphlets every where you go, blog/tweet about it, and/or help someone else go vegan. Anyone out there want help going vegan or staying vegan today? Get in-touch!

Give away things you don’t need or use any more, like clothes, shoes, or books you don’t intend to read again… (I’m moving back to the city later this week! When I get to unpacking my books, I’ll be giving heaps of them away right here on my blog – including a few cookbooks – stay tuned!!)

Remember that hobby you used to love but you just don’t seem to find time for anymore? Find the time, and if you can’t find it, make it – clear out your schedule – give yourself that gift. Practice smiling in a mirror until you can’t help but smile at your reflection automatically – love yourself! And dance in the rain, if you feel like it, like my 22-month-old daughter…

 Valentines Day is what you make it: so make it count!

Share some love – it attracts more love in your life – then do it all over again tomorrow. Put a loving action at the top of every to-do list. If you trip up, forgive yourself and start over. If someone else trips up, forgive them, too. Love is for everyone every day, not just for couples and consumers on Valentine’s Day.

pixel Valentines Day is what you make it: so make it count!
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