Review: 28 Day Transition to Raw Program with Jinjee

I’ve been madly sorting out my living arrangements in-between toddler-wrangling, vegan parenting interviews, tweets, and pregnant lady appointments and naps… This has also included a renewal of my passion for tasty, revitalising raw foods in my diet. I went vegan for non-violent principles and for the animals, and I’m going high-raw again for the extra health and vitality. I’ve been getting right in to juicing and smoothies and raw veggie soups and fresh fruit again, and feeling SO MUCH brighter and shinier as a result. Whee! icon wink Review: 28 Day Transition to Raw Program with Jinjee

Raw food can be so satisfying and tasty when you get in to the swing of things and when you have people around you who are supportive… which is what got me interested in looking into the transition programs that are out there… There are lots of “raw experts” selling magic cures and superfoods and quick fixes. But raw food doesn’t have to – and shouldn’t be – that complicated… or expensive! Fresh raw vegan wholefood is where it’s at, and Jinjee’s (family-friendly!) online Garden Diet 28 Day Transition to Raw Program highlights that. The next session begins on June 6th, just in time for summer in the northern hemisphere… Or if you want to kick the winter blues to the curb in the south… like me!

A little background…

I was getting waaay into a high-raw diet when I found out I was pregnant with my first child… and then the nausea set in – I couldn’t look at a kale salad without losing my lunch… if there was any left to be lost. I survived primarily on steamed potatoes for a couple of weeks, and gradually introduced other foods back in to my diet… but I didn’t get back to high-raw, and then when the baby arrived, I was too busy to re-organise my diet. I started Alice on high-raw when she began eating solids in addition to breastmilk, but eventually she was eating a mostly-cooked diet like me…

But then Ani Phyo put out Raw Food Essentials and I got a bit of a taste for raw energy again, and then between Crazy Sexy Diet and Raw Food Asia coming out very recently, I’m back into juicing and smoothies and raw snacks with vengeance!

It can be difficult if you want to eat this way and you don’t have much support. I’m lucky to have a husband and daughter who enjoy healthy raw foods with no complaints or prejudice… but what if you need more support? That’s where seasoned raw experts like Jinjee can help.

Is Jinjee’s style of raw food right for you?

28daysrawlogo Review: 28 Day Transition to Raw Program with Jinjee

Maybe you don’t care what you eat, so long as it’s raw. Maybe you want the flexibility of high-raw rather than 100% raw for any number of health, social, or other reasons. Maybe you are aiming for a high-carb, low-fat, athlete-supporting diet like Doug Graham’s amazing 80/10/10 program. Maybe you want to get in on the high-raw Crazy Sexy bandwagon, or you’d like to be a Skinny Bitch. Maybe you’re a vegan interested in expanding your palate to include raw food, but you don’t give a flying banana about percentages, just the different tastes and lush palate experiences.

But… let’s take a look at how you’re doing… Are you where you want to be? Is your bookcase or RSS reader overflowing with information, but you haven’t quite got all the motivation or support to get where you want to be? I know my bookcase is PACKED to the brim with all those books I’ve just mentioned, and dozens more. Reading fills your head with all sorts of wonderful, intelligent, brilliant piles of knowledge, but sometimes turning knowledge into action can be bloody difficult when the world around you isn’t on-board the healthy eating train.

If you’ve been around the raw block a few times, there’s no way you can have missed out on hearing about Jinjee and her family. They’ve been incredibly successful living the raw lifestyle without supplements and support formulas. If you want to get into raw foods the natural way without expensive potions, gimmicks, and tricks and you need a little bit of extra support to get where you want to go, Jinjee’s 28 Day program packed with healthy whole foods a great support package.

Vegans, please note: some insect products (eg. honey) are included in the program material. You might want to substitute date syrup (blend equal parts dates and water until smooth) or raw agave.

Gluten-free folks, please note: most raw programs are completely gluten-free, as they don’t include wheat or similar grains! This is definitely for you.

The plan recommends some substitutions for sugar-sensitive folks as well, such as green juices and green smoothies, which is the way I’m going. There are other alterations mentioned you might want to consider – the plan is easy to individualise for taste and personal constitution! The menu plans are simple and easy to adjust, but tasty as all get out, so you don’t need to worry about feeling deprived in the slightest.

A benefit of raw can be a significant improvement in health, so you might find after your transition experiment that your constitution is stronger, and you can handle more sugar or whatever concerned you at the outset of the program! If you’re concerned about fat intake, you might want to play with balancing your carbs, fat, and protein intake differently after your transition period to make it easier on yourself.

What Jinjee’s Garden Diet can do for you

Besides being well-researched, down-to-earth, practical, simple, and sensible, which not all raw programs are… This program provides:

★ Daily instructions and assistance
★ Access to a help forum with online group support at your own pace
★ Permanent access to the materials beyond the 28 days
★ New “family-tested-and-approved” recipes
★ An emphasis on a healthier happier lifestyle! It’s all about being kind to yourself, overcoming the expectation of perfection and understanding why and how you eat the way you do, and accepting yourself
★ Weight normalisation: help reaching a healthy weight, whether that’s loss or gain
★ A full 28-day menu designed to avoid detox symptoms and cravings – this is SUPER!
★ Body-sculpting cardio and floor exercises that you can do at any level
★ MD-approval! The program has been positively assessed by a panel of medical doctors – it’s safe if you are nursing or pregnant, have type 2 diabetes, or if you are taking medications – this program is great for families! If you’re pregnant and trying to set up the best diet plan for your family, specialised info in this program will be a HUGE help to you
★ Extra incentive? Check out the before and after pics – pretty darn impressive

This program is about as comprehensive as it gets.

Get with the program!

28days Review: 28 Day Transition to Raw Program with Jinjee

The Garden Diet 28 Day Transition-to-Raw Program is a 100% raw plant-based weight loss and rejuvenation diet. The summer session starts on June 6th, 2011.

This online program has a three-prong approach to lasting, healthy weight loss, that addresses diet, exercise and inner well-being in a seamless program. 61-year-old 40-years-raw-vegan chef Storm Talifero has designed the menu plan with delicious and nutritious recipes made from fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts. You’ll receive a full menu plan with simple recipes for every meal of the day for 28 days including 2 shopping lists a week which makes following the menu very easy.

You’ll receive online exercise videos from former American Gladiator and top raw vegan fitness model Koya Webb, an effective workout series that is easily adapted to any fitness level.

Jinjee Talifero, author of The Daily Raw Inspiration provides daily motivational reading and journal exercises to keep you inspired and motivated as well as to help you through the emotional detox that often accompanies the transition to a raw food diet.

Sign-up here!

How I’m going

As you can imagine, between young kids and moving interstate, my free time is limited right now, but I’ve managed to fill up my fooding time with over half to three-quarters raw food on any given day, and that number is climbing. The Garden Diet programs are so jam-packed with information, it’s a lot to read through! But easy as all get-out to implement, once you’ve taken some time-out to have a looksee through it. All the hard work – like shopping lists and eating plans and bits and pieces of relevant research – have already been done for you. I’m very impressed with the content of Jinjee’s program… obviously!

I’m still in the getting-started phase of things… I’m re-establishing a firm commitment to high raw, not 100% raw. There are other elements and interests in my life which make this the most practical path. I’m interested in the healthfulness of raw – I’ve been high-raw before. I didn’t feel significantly different from a high-raw day to a 100% day, but it can vary a little from person to person.

And as well as the 28 Day program, there’s the 21-day Cleanse, plus you can sign-up to both programs for an extra discount!

I’ll include more info about my personal experiences with the Garden Diet material in my (new!) end-of-the-month newsletter: please sign-up here. I hope you enjoy happy, healthy summer, northerners! Enjoy a snuggly winter, fellow southerners! Cheers.

Coming up soon on this blog: book give-aways! As promised. Vegan, raw, and otherwise. Stay tuned. icon smile Review: 28 Day Transition to Raw Program with Jinjee

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  • Elizabeth

    wonderful post. I really like their information and enjoy getting the daily raw inspiration.
    Peace and Raw Health,

    • RenéeMBM

      Thanks, Elizabeth! I love their simple, wholefood approach to raw. Very refreshing in the age of superfoods!