Sprouted Oat Porridge with Creamy Nut Milk & Date Syrup

If you like oats, you’ll love sprouted oat groat porridge. Groats are whole raw oats available in health or bulk stores. Steel-cut and rolled oats are steamed during processing. I was first introduced to groats by Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen a few years ago.

If you can’t digest cooked oats too well, you might find this is a digestible option for you, like my gluten-intolerant grain-sensitive husband. If you’re a toddler, I bet you’ll love the heck outta this like Alice did and eat a full adult serving! If you can’t find raw oat groats, I’ve used steel cut on a couple of occasions without any problems.

I’ve also included a basic nut milk recipe below the porridge, and a date syrup recipe. Date syrup is a great raw wholefood sweetener to use in place of more-processed agave nectar, rice syrup, or maple syrup. It even tastes fantastic in tea! And it’s cheap. Definitely a winner.

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Raw Apple Cinnamon Porridge + Almond Milk & Date Syrup (Green Juice on the side!)

Raw Porridge

1 cup oat groats
1 large ripe banana
¼ cup water
dash of cinnamon
dash of vanilla extract
chopped seasonal fruit, to serve
nut milk, to serve
date syrup, to serve

Soak oats in water overnight. Rinse well in the morning.

Add oat groats, banana, water, and cinnamon to the food processor. Process until creamy or desired porridge-like texture has been reached. Add more water or some milk if you prefer a thinner texture.

Serve with chopped seasonal fruit, date syrup to sweeten, and creamy nutmilk on the side (recipes below!).

Serves 2-3, or 2 adults + 1 hungry toddler icon smile Sprouted Oat Porridge with Creamy Nut Milk & Date Syrup

Recommended Fruit: diced apple, goji berries, raisins or sultanas, sliced banana, berries, and almost anything in-season! Add a few chopped nuts if you’re feeling fancy.

Banana substitutes: if you are currently in a part of the world suffering through a banana shortage due to cyclones and floods (hello, Australia!), you can sweeten the porridge with raisins, sultanas, dates, prunes, or your favourite syrup, instead… or just add water, milk, and/or date syrup to the processor! Recipes below…

Creamy Nut Milk

½ cup raw nuts
¼ cup dates (or more to taste)
Dash of vanilla extract
Pinch sea salt (optional)
4 cups water

Blend until you reach a smooth, creamy milk-like texture. Store in the fridge.

Optional: strain some or all of the pulp out through a fine sieve or sprout bag.
Optional: retain sweetened nut pulp to make cookies later!

Nut suggestions: (ideally soaked) almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, hazelnuts, macadamias, walnuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, or a mix. Pick your favourite flavour!

Alternative sweeteners for less pulp/fibre: agave nectar, stevia, raisins, sultanas, maple syrup, rice syrup, etc.

Hot Tip: After running your high-powered blender for about 2 minutes flat-out, the milk will begin to heat up… Instant warm milk for your porridge!

Health Tip: add unflavoured calcium, vitamin D, or zinc supplements to the blender when mixing to fortify your milk. I use Deva Vegan Cal-Mag Plus.

Date Syrup

1 part dates
1 part water

Blend until smooth. Easy! You might want to add more water for a thinner consistency, particularly if you’re using dried dates.

Store in a jar in the fridge.

Optional: Prior to blending – particularly if you use dried dates – soak the dates in the water overnight before blending it all together – the dates will turn to syrup in a snap!

Sexy Tip: Want some extra-flavoursome date syrup? Add vanilla extract, orange or almond essence, or rose water. There are some great suggestions for flavouring date syrup in Ani’s Raw Food Asia.

pixel Sprouted Oat Porridge with Creamy Nut Milk & Date Syrup
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