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I’ve been trying out more recipes from my extensive book collection – new and old. My breakfasts were getting dull, so I’ve upped the variety there… and at every meal!

Apple Pie Pancakes

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51cOX259orL. SL160  Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway! Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway!I usually go with Banana & Brazil nut pancakes from Ani’s Raw Food Essentials, but without access to a dehydrator and a hankering for something different, I found these marvellous cake-pie hybrids from Sarah Kramer’s La Dolce Vegan! and put sliced banana and date syrup on top. Epic nom. They were rather huge and filling. Next time I’d make tiny pikelet-sized cakes.

Lemon Cranberry Poppyseed Muffins

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Another recipe from Sarah Kramer’s La Dolce Vegan!. I’m more of a raw/flourless cake fan, but I made these for a friend who had a birthday last week. He doesn’t like chocolate, but likes orange and poppyseed cake, so I went with something similar, yet different! Lemon and cranberry is a great combination of flavours. The recipe only called for lemon essence, but I added some lemon zest for extra… zest! And it was LOVERLY.

Cacao Energizer Smoothie

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51kMaxVykFL. SL160  Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway! Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway!Loaded with coconut! As I’m heavily pregnant, I thought a bit of extra Lauric acid might be nice – it’s only found in coconuts, palm oil, and breastmilk! A very tasty smoothie from Ani’s Raw Food Essentials. I like to replace most of the cacao/cocoa in recipes with a nice, pungent carob. Carob is high in calcium and cacao is high in magnesium, which are minerals that get absorbed together, so mixing carob with cacao is just super. And if you’re an oddball who doesn’t like carob (make sure you’re buying high-quality pungent organic carob for awesome flavour!), combining it with even a tiny bit of cacao makes it taste extra-chocolatey. I also swapped flax out for chia in Ani’s recipe – and only used half the amount. Chia super-high in omega oil goodness and calcium, and I find it blends better.

Arugula salad with Kreamy Miso Dressing

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51xYvq69B0L. SL160  Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway! Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway!A lovely light Japanese salad from Ani’s Raw Food Asia that I served with edamame and soba noodles. Simplicity. Traditionally made with spinach, but we have arugula in the garden, and Ani suggests a spinach and arugula combo as a tasty variation on the original. Arugula is also a lovely “bitter” green that’s not very bitter, but still excellent for promoting better digestion.

Japanese Meal: Sautéed Tofu Wrapped in Nori (+ Ginger Sauce) & Potato Onion Miso Soup & Blanched Greens (+ Sesame) with rice

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61p%2Bb8OOtqL. SL160  Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway! Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway!I’m always surprised how quick it is to prepared a few Japanese dishes! All of these are from Japanese Cooking: Contemporary & Traditional, which is a great vegan cookbook. “It’s so hard to be vegan in Japan,” people say, and yet there are vegan people in Japan and veg restaurants all over the country. I’ve heard “it’s so hard to be vegan in Australia,” too, and it’s bloody easy here at “the ass-end of the world,” so whatevs, dudes!

This cookbook is one of my favourites. Japanese food is tasty yet simple, easy to digest, and usually gluten-free: the food is a comfortable fit with my high-raw diet. There’s plenty of soy in this book, but most dishes are traditionally-prepared, so the serving sizes are usually sensible! And a goodly portion of it is fermented. (And soy isn’t bad for you!) It’s a very fresh style of eating as far as cooked food is concerned: almost everything is quickly prepared, very little oil is used in-general (besides sesame for flavour), nothing is overcooked. But the best part? Alice LOVES the food – it’s super child-friendly. icon smile Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway!

Book Giveaway!

Congrats to Jamie who won the 1st book in my epic book giveaway: The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life! Hooray!

51zRXn%2BG5xL. SL160  Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway! Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway!This week I’m giving away Living in the Raw: Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle by Rose Lee Calabro.

“Follow easy suggestions for how to sprout and dehydrate a host of beans, grains and seeds and use them in conjunction with fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to create nutritious, healing foods. Over 300 recipes are given for everything from breads, crackers, cakes and ice cream to appetizers, hearty main dishes and soups. Includes sections on setting up a living foods kitchen and why a raw foods diet will help anyone feel and look great. Rose Lee Calabro has been eating raw foods for over ten years and has developed a large repetoire of amazingly flavorful, life-affirming foods. She is also the author of Living in the Raw Gourmet and is working on a living foods dessert book.”

If you want me to send Living in the Raw to you, just tell me about your favourite fresh fruit, veg, or raw food: in the comments! The most mouth-watering answer (or a random answer from among the tastiest) will win. icon smile Exploring Cookbooks + A Book Giveaway!

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  • Sparrow Rose Jones

    My favorite fruit is yellow mangoes. They are so sweet!!

  • Chris

    My favorite fresh fruit is slices of chilled mango on a hot summers day with some strawberry slices (and if I’m feeling really naughty some Raw coconut cashew ice cream on the side). 

  • Chelsea

    Im obsessed with organic strawberries at the moment. I chop them up and top with raw cashew cream for breakfast. Yum!

  • http://twitter.com/nella22 Marnely Rodriguez

    I love bananas and could eat 10 of them in a day EASILY!

  • Katrina

    Avocados are my favorite vegetable ever. I would marry them if they were a real person :)

    • http://veganza.com Renée MBM


      Also, avocados are actually berries! That makes them even tastier somehow.

  • Laurelvb

    All right. I’ll fess up. My favorite raw food is cashew cheese cake to which I add coconut cream (from the top of the can) and sometimes I even blend that with fresh fruit. I don’t even make a pie crust. I just layer it into wine glasses with a can of coconut cream that I’ve blended with chocolate. I’m a bad, bad girl but I’m in heaven anyway.

    • http://veganza.com Renée MBM

      Bad sounds good!

  • domestic diva

    We love homemade raw flax crackers (seasoned with garlic, onion, tomatoes, carrots, celery, cilantro, cumin, jalapeno) and then topped with fresh avocado.  So fabulous!