Review: Aussie Hemp Seeds + Giveaway!

I’m finally giving away a bag of certified organic raw Australian hemp seeds from Hemp Foods Australia. I haven’t had a whole lot of experience with hemp products since they are few and far between and “not classified for human consumption” in Australia, but I’ve had a few samples of the seeds and protein powder before, and these seeds, hands down, are the freshest darn things I’ve ever got my filthy hippie mitts on.

For those not yet in-the-know, edible hemp is not of the same variety as the drug cannabis seed. Full of omega-3 oil goodness, plenty of vitamin B, C, and E, magnesium, iron, friendly vegan proteins, and the anti-inflammatory properties that come with GLA (gamma linolenic acid) and with no risk of getting high (which may or may not be a plus depending on your personal proclivities) since it’s from a different plant, you’ll want to be nomming on these… but you can’t in Australia! Government says no. So technically these seeds are for informational purposes or pet food only… which is hilarious for several reasons, including this:

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Hemp seeds are often found in breakfast cereals and snack bars overseas. But what can you do at home with hemp seeds? Well, I think the flavour is somewhere between pine nuts and sunflower seeds. Here’s a few very basic ideas… (for informational purposes or pet food only…)

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Vegan ice cream!

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Chuck ‘em in smoothies!

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Sprinkle them on soups and salads and consume with Hello Kitty cutlery!

Hemp Foods Australia also sells hemp oil, protein, information and recipe books, farm tours (want!), and some Versativa snack bar products. Subscribe to their blog if you’re after some incredible recipe ideas, or download their free 130 page eBook… STUFF! Love it.


If you’d like some magical raw fresh seeds from founder Paul Benhaim at Hemp Foods Australia please drop a comment with a nifty hemp seed recipe idea: the most creative idea gets a pack of raw hemp seeds! (It doesn’t have to be a complete recipe.) (For informational purposes or pet food only…) Comment here!

(Soz, Aussie residents only this time… but I’ve got a gluten-free baking cookbook up for grabs next!)

pixel Review: Aussie Hemp Seeds + Giveaway!
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  • Kyra Howearth

    I have seen heaps of recipes with hemp seeds over the years which I have been dying to try but haven’t got my hands on hemp seeds yet! I would love to throw some into smoothies, baked goods, and make some hemp seed milk…and maybe try to create a hemp seed spread/hommus, yum!

  • Sophie Toocaram

    I guess this isn’t particularly creative, but I LOVE hemp seeds + kale. Either cooked kale with maple syrup, mustard and garlic and the hemp seeds sprinkled on top, or as a salad with the seeeds, the kale, marmalade, tahini, soy sauce, rice vinegar and garlic.

    • Renée MBM

      Can you email me your postal address for the hemp seeds? Ta :D

  • Lara Extremely

    I’d love to try hemp seed bliss balls!  Recipe: in a blender, grind hemp seeds and walnuts, add chopped dates, cacao, sunflower seeds, rolled oats, pinch of sea salt.  Shape into ball and roll in dessicated coconut.

  • Fiona

    Totally want to put them in place of poppy seeds in a nice bacth of gluten free bread rolls

  • Inthemoodfornoodles

    I’ve never used them but like the idea of tmaking hemp milk from it.

  • Stacy Ⓥ

    I’d try a pesto or maybe some kind of museli bar type thing or a vege patty 

  • Willie Traeger

    I am trying to not only perfect GF and dairy free pizza crust – but adding hemp seeds to the dough might be a wise and tasty addition! Even if I didn’t put them in the dough recipe, I am experimenting with hummus as my tomato paste/sauce alternative…will keep you posted! Look forward to this giveaway!

  • Christian Rene Friborg

    I love that vegan ice cream!! 

  • Aqiyl Henry

    I use hemp seeds in my veggie juices for its high protein content and fatty acids. I don’t seed what the big deal is with hemp.