Greetings, Vegan MoFos

Long time, no posty. However, it’s September! As well as being the beginning of Spring (or Autumn in the north) and that can only mean one thing in the Veganverse…

400x84 g3 Greetings, Vegan MoFos

Go hard.
Nom all the things.

The month of September is the Vegan Month of Food fest for 2013, so I thought it was the perfect time to get back to blogging.

Hi! Catch-up time. It’s been a while.

I’ve moved… AGAIN. I left the capital of the Outback, and headed back to the cooler, foodier east coast of Australia. That was nearly a 4 day drive through some of the the most isolated places in this country… in the world, really. Australia has crowded coasts, and a fairly empty interior… that goes on and on and on and on, for days and days and days. Straight roads. Oh, for the novelty of a sharp corner or a tree that’s taller than I am.

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From the tropics to the desert to the snowy-cold sub-tropics…
(Note: I’ve never been in snow. I’m just guessing what it feels like.)

We were flat out getting fruit and veg – even rice and taters and bread at times – along the way. Deserts are a bit… empty. At least in this part of the world. There’s a pretty impressive lack of food between the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory and western Queensland… well, until you’re halfway across the state of Queensland, really… But we found a squash vine of some sort growing at a rest stop in the desert!

8532131421 12ef7962dd Greetings, Vegan MoFos

Grow, you good thing, GROW. On land that’s only good for cattle?
Pffft. Mr Viney here disagrees.

But. Before I take off on that rambling tale… A quick overview of things to come…

My kids are 4.5 and 2 now. I’ve had some vegan ups and downs. I’ve had some general life ups and downs, as one does. We’ve settled on becoming an unschooling family. Us parental units work from home most of the time now… so there are some srs things we need to talk about, my friends. A few things.

My husband and I have been vegan for 8.5 years. EIGHT POINT FIVE. Bananas, yo. Time flies when you’re in a protein-deficient haze and high on carbohydrates. icon wink Greetings, Vegan MoFos


I’ve had some productive moments: I completed the Plant-Based Nutrition certificate via Cornell University/T Colin Campbell Foundation. It was an all-too-quick flex of the old brain muscle, and made me want to study medicine(!). Right at this moment I’m a little too flat-out with Life Stuff to catch up on the science I need to pass the entry exams and then go on to full-time study for 4 crazy fun-filled years, but I was pleased to find out my previous university marks qualify me for entry. And that I can do it when I find myself less swamped by Life Stuff. Amazeballs. But, yes. Plant-based nutrition. Wholefood. So much great stuff to learn. I’m full of sciencey info and feelings and rants in my pants that I need to unleash.

9156348696 51058b4507 Greetings, Vegan MoFos

The latest action-packed blockbuster from the dude who brought us The China Study.
Starring Dr T. Colin Campbell, PhD

On the fitness side of things, I’ve embarked on the Insanity workout fitness program… Most people have heard of it in the Western Hemisphere, but it’s scarcely available in Australia. It’s rough as guts on a lazy body like mine has become. I’ve never seen anything like it in a gym or on a DVD before… and I’m dying to yammer on at the universe about it, so I’ll give you my thoughts in the near future… And, in a similar vein: Ani Phyo’s 15-Day Fat Blast experiences, a neato gluten-free cookbook I want to give away because I don’t use it nearly enough, low carb diets vs high carb diets, high fruit versus starch or legumes, tubers versus grains… and a myriad of other things I’ve been playing around with for the last few years.

So, for this MoFo season, in addition to trying to hit some of the Official Themes, roughly: in addition to flailing about how much pain I’m in doing way-harsh workouts, a few other thoughts on: vegan travelling, gluten freedom, raw food, 80/10/10, tropical living, outback adventuring, raising vegan kids, lifestyle fails, lifestyle wins, fitness and diets for active living, edible weeds and wild foods, popular anti-vegan diet fads, dietary supplements and other snake oil, plant-based wholefood versus anything-so-long-as-it’s-vegan and the like and et ceteras that have been bubbling away for a while… years in a few cases… so, basically, I’m going to blog about all the things – past, present, and future – that exist in this dimension and several others… Geez. No harm in trying, right? Don’t panic, always carry a towel, have another cup of tea, and all of that.

Happy Vegan Month of Food, you guys! Let’s blog this thing. Or die trying.

8976231782 f7c1de2149 Greetings, Vegan MoFos

My family on a beach not far from our house


Happy Father’s Day!

… To Australian fathers, non-birth parents, and others in the world celebrating parental units today! Congrats to all the vegan dads who aren’t feeding animal families to their families. You guys are superheroes, saving your kids’ health, animal lives, and the environment… You save the world. A lot. Kudos to you all, most excellent dudes. A present for you: Vegan Men: More Testosterone But Less Cancer… That explains a few things, non? If that doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart, nothing will. Veganism: the gift that keeps on giving and won’t let you get any damn sleep.

8773508693 1f492ce943 Greetings, Vegan MoFos

Petit déjeuner!

Also, croissants!

I’ve been promising several (million?) people that I’ll post my husband’s crazyass perfecto vegan croissant recipe. So that’s coming up shortly. Sadly not gluten-free or low-fat, for those of you wondering, but it is lower in gluten and lower in fat and 100% lower in cholesterol than “real” croissants, thus making them unreal. It’s flaky pastry, what can you do? Live fast, die young, badass vegans do it well. Since Huz’s IBD is largely gone, and consequently his gluten intolerance symptoms virtually non-existent, he likes to dabble in the wheats. But, if you’re up for it, we have a gluten-free tempura batter recipe I can blog that’s pretty freakin’ brill… even though these are oddity recipes in our current collection, since we live primarily on wholefood these days: fruit, greens, nuts, vegetables, starchy tubers, some rice, and the like, avoiding oil and refined foodstuffs. Fresher and more invigorating and hella tasty… but there really are so many great ways to be vegan! There’s something for everyone, fun for all the family and every family (non-human animal families included), whatever your foodie proclivities and lifestyle needs.

9602178955 29ae5357e2 Greetings, Vegan MoFos

This fruit bowl is getting a bit low over here.

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Peace and lovely starchy tater wishes to y’all. Hearts.

PS. Forgot to mention I’m getting a pilot license so I can add flying to my list of vegan superpowers.

pixel Greetings, Vegan MoFos
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  • Kate Allan

    I’ll definitely be on the lookout for your croissant making…my few attempts at vegan croissants have ended badly haha! I know what you mean about long drives, tree, rock, road, rock…wait there’s a sheep! road, tree… I don’t think a lot of people in the northern hemisphere appreciate just how BIG we are lol

  • Cupcake Kitteh

    Hey lady, good to see you back! Welcome back to the East Coast, also I have never seen snow either!

    Go you and Insanity! I was going to do it after a few cycles of P90X but then I didn’t, lazy me!

    • Renée MBM

      P90X looks complicated to me! I’m much more of an equipment-free cardio person :)

    • Renée MBM

      Hey, you might know the answer to this one: chevril, for French watercress soup and etc – is it in stores in Australia and I’m missing it, or is it hard to come by?