Hit The Road, Jackfruit Green Smoothie – What I Ate Wednesday!

Caught a minor lurgy from Huz’s rage-infected office drone colleagues and/or the rampaging childerbeasts at the park (why won’t people quarantine their sick kids/let them rest at home a little? blah!), so haven’t updated for a couple of MoFoing days because I’ve been busy behaving like a big cranky obnoxious frustrated toddler.

My sincere apologies to planet Earth and all its inhabitants. I’m not a good patient because I’ve become rather unfamiliar with illness even if it’s a minor cold that only lasts a few days instead of the few weeks that I used to endure pregan: MAGIC POWERS! But even vegan superheroines aren’t entirely impervious to Coronavirus.

So. What have I been eating? Or, rather: what have I remembered to photograph while I’m eating? That won’t tax me too much, let’s go with some Hipstergrams.

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Left: cacao-carob banana/dates/nuts smoothie; moong dahl; let’s get ready to peach crummmmble.
Right: Smoothie! Recipe below.

Hit The Road, Jackfruit Green Smoothie

3-4 large fresh jackfruit bulbs, deseeded
2 cups chopped fresh pineapple
1 stalk off a bunch of broccoli
2 large kale leaves
handful of dried dates or 1-2 medjool dates, pitted
1 inch piece ginger
squeeze of lime, (quarter-half a big juicy lime)
2 cups cooled chamomile tea or water, or more as desired

Blend that crazy concoction until it’s smooth. Makes 2 large serves.

Bam! Take that, Coronavirus.

Quite frankly this smoothie tasted a little odd, but my sense of taste is a bit off right now. Huz said it was good. In my mind anything jackfruity is fan-bloody-tastic, so if you like living dangerously try it and tell me what you think!

You don’t know jackfruit?

Artocarpus heterophyllus fruits at tree Hit The Road, Jackfruit Green Smoothie   What I Ate Wednesday!Jackfruit isn’t available everywhere, so try an Asian grocery store if you’ve never seen it in your regular stupormarket – sometimes they even sell frozen packaged jackfruit bulbs (arils) if it’s not in-season, plus the big spiky whole fruits can be kind of tricky to cut up with all the latex-like ribbons and seeds inside. Jackfruits look a bit like durian but are nose-friendlier, less spiky, sweeter, and the fruit smells pleasantly like bubblegum instead of… well, whatever half-decomposed sulphurous thing that durian smells like. Legend has it that jackfruit is where Hubba Bubba originally got its bubblegum flavour from! They taste roughly like a mix of mango, pineapple, apple… a sweet fruit salad.

Jackfruit are ripe when the outer shell starts to soften and break open – they shouldn’t be super hard to crack open, and it smells like slightly-funky bubblegum – only slightly! It’s a fresh smell instead of the synthetic scent most of us know. Unripe green jackfruit can be cooked in curries alongside potato – many people say it has a pork-like flavour and texture – it’s salted and canned for this purpose. Sweet ripe fruit canned in syrup is also available… Ripe, ripe, ripe: it’s an important thing with fruit! In fact, one of my MoFo posts may be about how to correctly assess the ripeness of popular fruits, because a lot of people are eating underripe fruit thus not enjoying fruit nearly enough and it’s making me sad. icon wink Hit The Road, Jackfruit Green Smoothie   What I Ate Wednesday!

400x84 g3 Hit The Road, Jackfruit Green Smoothie   What I Ate Wednesday!

pixel Hit The Road, Jackfruit Green Smoothie   What I Ate Wednesday!
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