Pineapple Orange Kale Smoothie

A smoothie so tasty, it beats avocado toast: the proof is in the toddler leftovers!


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half a pineapple
4 oranges, peeled and deseeded
two handfuls of kale
a sprinkle of chia seeds – a couple of teaspoons
a few drips of liquid stevia Sweet Drops Vanilla Crème*
a couple of cups of water, as needed, until desired smoothie thickness reached

Bleeeeennnnd and serve! Damn, smoothies are such a great, lazy, healthy food!

*Alternatively: some vanilla extract or a vanilla bean, plus a medjool date or two… or several! But, guys: that Sweet Drops stuff is so niiiiice. I got mine from iHerb – btw my discount code is BAQ387 if you want $5-$10 off!

And a cup of chai in my favourite teacup…

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This duck cup belonged to my grandpa, made in Korea. It belongs to a set of mugs with different birds on each – I’ve not seen too many like it. There’s one birdy mug missing from the set. Anyone else come across these mugs? A long shot, but hello, internet? icon smile Pineapple Orange Kale Smoothie

pixel Pineapple Orange Kale Smoothie
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