Lunch at From Earth And Water

I’ve been eating out a little more frequently the last couple of weeks. We used to eat out quite a lot before we had kids… Those were the spendy vegan days! Anywho, since those relatively quiet, non-busy, carefree days have passed into lively, exciting familydom, the first raw food restaurants in Australia opened – among them fRom eArth and Water – and it’s one of our favourite vegan places to eat out now. Pretty darn impressive! Our friend Angela took us out for lunch and I took a few photos of the fancy noms…

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In the middle: a green smoothie and strawberry ginger smoothie.

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From left, clockwise: soft corn tortillas with almond feta & salsa & lime aioli,
courgette/zucchini and aged cashew cheese ravioli,
shaved fennel & almond cheese & leek & lentil salad,
mini tacos with avo salsa & mango salsa & cashew sour cream

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From top, clockwise: Raw snickers, Banana cream pie, Lime cream mango tart

The “snickers bar” cake is the greatest cake OF ALL TIME. Well, it’s certainly up there, and served with pretty darn decent raw ice-cream. Definitely worth the expense. We always come away happy with the experience, and that can’t be said of too many food joints. It is a strictly vegan place, which also can’t be said of every raw joint. It’s actually not strictly raw, as there is a slow-cooked dish on the menu. The mains on the menu are different every time we go – very seasonal eating. Good stuff!

My only criticism is that a few of the dishes are swimming in extra virgin olive oil, it interferes with the fresh flavours a tad… I should have asked for the dressing on the side, perhaps. There’s already plenty of (very nice) nut/seed-based cheese in the dishes, so this stuff is incredibly high in fat. That aside, the flavours are rather excellent, the fruit and veg is incredibly crisp and there’s not an over-reliance on oddball dehydrated foods.

From their Facebook page:

Our creative menu is inspired by the beautiful bounty of seasonal food consciously sourced from local farms free from pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. We believe in keeping food in its natural state. No pasteurised or processed ingredients, no animal products, no dairy, no wheat or gluten are ever used… Our earth-friendly philosophy extends throughout the restaurant space, using as many recycled or sustainable products as possible.

pixel Lunch at From Earth And Water
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  • Jamie Heart

    Looks delicious!