Strawberry & Papaya Spring Smoothie

End-of-season strawberries are on-sale here, and the papayas on our trees are beginning to ripen, so I give you our…

Strawberry & Papaya Spring Smoothie

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1 medium-large ripe papaya, deseeded & peeled
500g/1lb strawberries
1-2 big ole handfuls of pitted dates (several medjool or a dozen dried Iranian)
4 frozen bananas (or more), chopped
generous dash of vanilla (extract or liquid stevia drops)
lime juice (optional)
2+ cups of water

Blend dates and papaya and strawberries in water. Add chopped frozen banana, blend until smooth, adding more water as necessary. If your papaya isn’t very flavourful (early season) or if you like extra zing, add some lime juice. If you want a thickshake, add more frozen bananas!

Makes 1 mega-serving or 2 large servings, includes approx. 405mg Vitamin C (540%), Calcium 150mg (15-25%), Iron 3mg (17%), Copper 0.5mg (53%), Manganese 1.8mg (98%), Potassium 2168mg (46%), B6 1.1mg (87%), Folate 252mcg (63%), and plenty of other stuff. Macros: 146g carbs (25g fibre), 7g protein, 2.5g fat (0.4g omega 3).

The papaya and strawberry combo gives a nice rosewater-ish flavour. Super yummy!

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pixel Strawberry & Papaya Spring Smoothie
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