Vegan Pizza Favourites

Every pizza enthusiast has their own way of throwing together pizzas, their own topping preferences. My basic method: I like a good marinara sauce on the bottom with some onion and garlic, a HUGE amount of chopped greens on top of that (makes the pizza taste “fresher”!), a light sprinkle of cheese to hold those together, and a thick covering of my favourite seasonal and perennial fruit and veg on top, followed by another sprinkling of cheese.

9867374253 8829c9811a n Vegan Pizza FavouritesOther people go lighter on toppings, some people like diced toppings and others like big old chunky chunks. Some folks like thick bases, some like thin, some like mini-pizzas some like a pizza that wouldn’t fit in most standard ovens! Some people like making wholemeal or spelt bases, others gluten-free, and some go for a dehydrated raw zucchini-flaxseed base with fresh raw toppings on top!

Whatever your preference, the end product is always fairly darn delicious. In fact, if you’re like me, you change your pizza preferences fairly often. One month you’re making a crunchy raw pizza on a lettuce leaf in the tropics, and the next you’re baking it up and melting cheese all over the oven in a southern hemisphere winter! Right now, it’s Spring in the southern hemisphere, and I’m just coming out of a baked pizza phase, and I’m starting to get a hankering for some sacralicious salady raw pizza… but before I head off in that healthy-monkey direction, I thought I’d tell you about my recent favourite pizzas! I might have to do a monthly update on how I’m progressing with this artform, yes?

Top 5 Toppings
    Marinated tempeh

9867288813 30a489ddf6 n Vegan Pizza FavouritesSome Seasonal Favourites
    Fresh pineapple
    Basil and cherry tomatoes
    Eggplant (slices as bases for mini-pizzas)

Herbs & Spices
    Rosemary (with sweet potato!)
    Sriracha drizzled all over that thing, baby

Cheesy Favourites
    Notzarella: it melts, you guys, and it’s cheese designed for pizzas.
    Vegan parmesan: for a piquant bite, a mix of ground sesame, almonds, and miso paste
    Cashew cream cheese: as a second layer of sauce!

Other-Than-Fruit-&-Veg Favourites
    Tempeh seasoned with soy and garlic
    Tofu seasoned with nooch, sea salt, and black pepper
    Refried bean paste as the pizza sauce, with minced up tofu or crumbled tempeh or whole beans on top, along with capsicum and cashew sour cream

Fave Combos
    The interesting one: arugula, cashew cream cheese, pear, pinenuts, marinara sauce, red onions
    The wholesome starchy one: roasted sweet potato and potatoes, garlic, thyme, rosemary, sea salt
    The big olde fruity one: pineapple, tofu jerky, mushrooms, tomato, olives, basil, garlic, Notza, BBQ sauce

Did I miss anything?! What does your favourite vegan pizza look like?

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pixel Vegan Pizza Favourites
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  • Cupcake Kitteh

    I love the sound of the last one with pineapple and tofu jerky!

    I am always changing my pizza preferences, but you’re right – almost any variation of pizza is good pizza!