10 Refreshing Spring Breakfasts!

Welcome the warmer months with FRUIT YOU GUYS ALL THE FRUIT… Okay, yes. After the winter, the best fruits start to emerge. First papayas, then mangoes, mulberries on our tree, and early summer stone fruit.

My Top 10 Favorite Spring Breakfasts!

1. Watermelon! Watermelon! I love, you love, watermelon! Blended up with some mint. Yummy.

2. Papaya and strawberry smoothie: end-of-season strawberries meet start-of-season papayas for a rosewater flavour straight from Eden.

9684216032 ab9d283e14 n 10 Refreshing Spring Breakfasts!3. Kiwi feast: stuff in as many soft, ripe kiwis are possible. About a dozen should do it!

4. Citrus-herb water to start: slice up a lemon or limes, maybe an orange, too, stuff all the slices into a big jug or jar along with some leafy pungent herbs like basil or mint, and fill with water. Leave overnight in the fridge, and drink first thing in the morning to add a fresh zing to your day! Then on to a super-thick banana cinnamon smoothie/custard poured over a bowl of chopped fruit, probably.

5. Arugula/rocket is really nice at this time of the year: whip up a savoury breakfast, like a tofu scramble or a nut scramble or marinated/sautéd mushrooms, and serve it on a big olde bed of arugula, preferably from your own garden! Homegrown arugula has a wonderful pepper to it.

6. Mulberries, blueberries, raspberries: whatever berries you can get your hands on: tossed in a bowl with ground flaxseed, chopped dark chocolate or cacao nibs, a pinch of maca and cinnamon. Oh yeah.

7. Choc-cherry coconut smoothie with flaxseed towards the end of spring: just like a cherry ripe, only good for you, the animals, and the planet!

8. End-of-season navel oranges + frozen pineapples: nice and sunshiney, to welcome the brighter days. Throw in some kale for a green kick! Throw in some dates and pecans and vanilla for a yummy milky-praline taste.

9534581041 86578baa37 n 10 Refreshing Spring Breakfasts!9. Mangoes? But hold on, guys. Have you waited long enough? Do they smell sugary, pungent, and ripe enough? Then grab yourself some! Make sure you wait because the early ones can be a bit weak… But now that you’ve been a bit patient and you’ve got your hands on some of the first good ones of the season: roughly chop some dates and nuts up in the food processor to make a chunky sticky crust, stir in some vanilla and coconut flakes, and toss that sticky chunks with some diced up mango: voilà! Easy mango crumble!

10. New potatoes are on the way in! Leave on the paper-thin skins and boil them up, cool them off and drizzle with zesty-lemony cashew cream whizzed up in the blender… Potato salad for breakfast? Am I crazy? Toss some shallots/spring onions and dill on top and find out! I dare ya. This would probably go nicely with the citrus-herb water I mentioned earlier. icon smile 10 Refreshing Spring Breakfasts!

Springtime is zingtime.

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Don’t sleep in every day and miss out on morning noms!

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pixel 10 Refreshing Spring Breakfasts!
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  • Jamie Heart

    My favourite is the last one! Yum!