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Vegan living, vegan wellness, and vegan education! Veganza is about engaging in an ethical lifestyle, smart plant-based nutrition, and eco-friendly consumption. It’s about holding ourselves to a higher standard, and spreading compassion and happiness at home and around the world.

Veganza features information about animal rights, nutrition science, health & fitness, environmental concerns, abundance and awesomeness. There are also plenty of recipes, most of which are gluten-free, low-fat, and unprocessed wholefood.

photo 12 300x225 Hello! Welcome to VeganzaEthics-based vegans can be very interested in nutrition and the environment as well as animal rights. Being the best vegan you can be – leading by example – and presenting a vibrant happy healthy face to the world is an important part of activism!

My name is Renée and I’m the creator and writer here. I’m married with two kids and two cats. I live in Darwin, Australia – aka the tropical capital of “the Outback.” Previously I lived on the east coast of Australia in a few different locations, bought a home at the Gold Coast, and travelled around Asia and New Zealand. I’m a writer and a rockclimber and a Vipassana practitioner. My husband is gluten intolerant. Read more + get contact details: here.

I have studied ethics and and writing at a postgraduate level and I’m constantly engaged in further independent research and life experiences. I’ve studied nutrition science independently and through Cornell University (current!), and I spend a lot of my free-time reading the latest studies… yes, I’m a giant geek. icon wink Hello! Welcome to Veganza My husband David trained in Thai cooking in Chiang Mai, Thailand – we both specialise in South-East Asian cookery as well as raw food. Raising exceptionally healthy vegan and raw vegan children is a topic I’m particularly passionate about with two young, healthy children of my own. I’m available for consultation on any of these topics.


I respond to emails as soon as I can. I also address common vegan and nutrition questions in the FAQ (being updated!) and Q&A of this blog. Please send any and all requests to reneembm[at]gmail[dot]com.

Features of Veganza.com

The articles on Veganza include:

My Favourite Vegan is a collection of inspiring interviews with interesting vegan folks from all walks of life.

Q&A includes some common questions I’m asked about veganism, gluten-free living, and raw food… and my answers!

Reviews looks at all sorts of products relevant to vegan living.

Livin’ La Vida Vegan is a collection of feature articles on various topics, all about how to live the vegan lifestyle to the max!

Food Photo Diary is a collection of food pr0n photos and mini-reviews of cookbooks.

Product reviews and giveaways is where I only promote products I have used and love that I think will be of benefit to helping others go vegan and stay vegan easily.

Please note:

Non-commercial publications don’t need permission to reprint articles from Veganza – this entire blog is Creative Commons. Please include my name as the author and a link to this blog. I’d appreciate you dropping me a line to let me know you’re using my work, too! Thanks.

Commercial publications need permission to reprint – please contact me for more info.

Guest Posts & Reviews

Please get in-touch if you want to submit or trade guest posts. I’m open to anything vegan-friendly, especially with gluten-free themes if it’s food-related.

If you have an awesome vegan business or related product you’d like me to review, please email me so we can discuss your ideas.

Interested in advertising on Veganza? Please read this page.

I’m looking for interesting interview subjects for My Favourite Vegan, such as activists promoting vegan issues, innovative businesses and authors and their inspired vegan-friendly wares, and gluten-free info suitable for vegheads.

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The Fine Print

Veganza contributors only recommend products and services they have checked out themselves, but cannot be held responsible for the continued good quality of products and services offered by others. (If you don’t like something recommended, please let us know why!) If you are interested in a review or advertising for your vegan or gluten-free or other relevant service/product, please contact me for further details.

This blog is designed to provide information and entertainment with the understanding that the publisher and authors are not engaged in medical professional services to the purchaser, reader, or anyone who encounters this blog in any manner.

Every effort has been made to ensure this blog is vegan-friendly and accurate and current on the date of publication, however occasionally mistakes may be made in content or in typography. This blog should be used as a general guide. The authors and publisher shall have neither liability or responsibility to any person/entity in regards to any loss or damage alleged to be caused by the information contained in this website.

And now that the mumbojumbo is out of the way, let’s eat. icon smile Hello! Welcome to Veganza

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