Advertising on Veganza

Products advertised on Veganza will be seen by several thousand enthusiastic potential customers around the world via the website, blog feeds, Twitter, and Facebook. The majority of readers are from the United States – particularly California – and Canada and Australia, with a growing audience in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, with some regular hits from South Africa, the Middle East, and South America, too.

Sidebar Top: 1 large ad at the top $50USD/month – FULL!*
Sidebar Middle: 1-2 mid-small ads $30USD/month – FULL!*
Sidebar Bottom: 2-4 mid-small ads $20USD/month
Site Footer: square or banner $20USD/month
Post Footers: minimum 8-10 posts on site and blog feeds $30USD
10% off any of the above for 3+ months.

Large ads may vary in size, and might be square or high-rise like this:

hempfarmbanner Advertising on Veganza

gotnonviolence 170w red Advertising on Veganza

… and mid – small ads are generally 125×250 – 125×125 pixels, like so:

your ad here 19 Advertising on Veganza your ad here 24 Advertising on Veganza

*This general guideline is for small business advertising. If you need help whipping up an image, let me know. I have a graphic designer and software engineer “on staff.” The rates can be adjusted for your local currency if you prefer. You may still book space marked as FULL! but you may have to wait a few months for your ad to go live. Your ads needn’t fit the above size suggestions exactly.

New Vegan Start-Ups: Further discounts for you! For etsy members and the like. Contact me with your details.

Charitable Causes, Education, & Activism: Free! Send me your info.

Permanent Sponsors & Affiliates: By negotiation. Send me an outline of your products and services.

All advertisers may give away products via Veganza if you send samples, books, etc for review.

If you would like to advertise on Veganza or for further info, please email reneembm[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you for your support.

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