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What to do with a fridge full of leftovers? Something pastalicious?

A lot – perhaps even several – of we crazed Australians, girt by sea, have been filling up the interwebs with yammer about the impending doom that may befall our fair land following our federal election that was all the … Continue reading

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This just in…

Leftover masoor tamatar dal on toasted gluten-free bread makes a superb breakfast. I’ll post further updates on this very important issue as they come to hand.

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Yeast bread v0.3 breakfast update!

After that bread cooled and was refrigerated over night, it became a bit crumbly, leaning a bit more towards the yeast-free cakey texture. With the maize flour, it’s a drier bread than the potato flour bread, so I guess it’s … Continue reading

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Yeast bread, v0.3

This version of the yeast-risen bread turned out better than I expected – thanks, corn! The flavour is a bit more towards grits or cornbread, but the texture is better than bread made on potato flour (which seems to need … Continue reading

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