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Oil-Free Maple Banana Bread Muffins and Tofu Jerky, What Oil-Free Really Means, and Vegan Food Gifts!

We went for a playdate at Sarah’s place and there was some lovely vegan food on-the-go. Oil-free Maple Banana Bread Muffins – from The Everyday Vegan – recipe on Dreena Burton’s website. I think it’s worth pointing out – while … Continue reading

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Is Soy Good Or Bad For You?

Dangers? Benefits? So much drama over a little bean! In my post on Friday, I mentioned one of my current favourite cookbooks called Japanese Cooking: Contemporary and Traditional that features a fair amount of soy in its recipes – perhaps … Continue reading

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Natural Cruelty-Free Bathroom & Beauty Products – Part 1: Top 6 Things to Avoid

This is Part 1 in a series. Also check out Part 2: What to Look For and Part 3: What I Use & Recommend. Veganism is NOT a diet – who told you that? Not so! Let’s get that out … Continue reading

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Review: 28 Day Transition to Raw Program with Jinjee

I’ve been madly sorting out my living arrangements in-between toddler-wrangling, vegan parenting interviews, tweets, and pregnant lady appointments and naps… This has also included a renewal of my passion for tasty, revitalising raw foods in my diet. I went vegan … Continue reading

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Cheap healthy eating tips: organic food on a tight budget

Buying all your food organic is not always possible on a tight budget, but eating well is an essential part of good health, and the quality of the food you eat is vital. Often left in the ground or on … Continue reading

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Bioavailable B12 in mushrooms confirmed

Good news, everyone! In early 2009, researchers at the University of Western Sydney confirmed that bio-available B12 exists in the skin & flesh of button mushrooms, 5% RDI (per 100g). Link: shrooms! There’s also info on the availability of vitamin … Continue reading

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Cure everything!

And increase longevity! With vegan and living foods. Free lecture found on Google videos: FREE GARY NULL LECTURE – CHANGE YOUR LIFE 60 min – Jan 4, 2007 Watch Gary Null’s Latest Incredible Lecture. This Extraordinary Presentation Was Filmed LIVE … Continue reading

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Vegan pregnancy & general health

I found a fabulous article on the healthfulness of vegan diets during pregnancy. It also dispels many cultural bias surrounding the diet in general. Check it out! It’s quite long, but very interesting and informative. Worry-free pregnancy: vegetarian moms-to-be can … Continue reading

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Plant vs Animal: Vegan Health in a Nutshell

I went vegetarian for the animals, then realised I should be vegan for the rest of the animals that I didn’t consider the first time around. However there is another compelling reason I stick with it other than the health … Continue reading

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Arthritis: who needs it?

Vegans sure don’t! Rheumatoid arthritis patients may be able to improve their symptoms by switching to a vegan and gluten-free diet, a study in Sweden has found… … At the same time, the vegans developed a lower body mass index, … Continue reading

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