Potato waffles are a thing? Vegan finds, compulsive purchasing...

So apparently savoury potato mini-waffles are a thing now, at least according to a nearby European-owned stupormarket... They're new to me, anyway!

Have you seen these things before?

They're almost ok with dahl and stuff... almost.

But they're not super.
Aren't waffles supposed to have indents,
not holes punched right through them?

I found these on a quick jaunt through an Aldi store, and was all, "Potato what-now?" I checked the ingredients, then was all, "OMG VEGAN MUST BUY BECAUSE VEGAN." Normally this is not something I would buy. These mini-waffle things were a bit greasy, like oven-bake fries. The directions say to oven-bake or deep-fry(!) so I baked. Not potatoey enough for my taste, too fluffy, oily, processed-tasting, etc.

Do you ever buy daft food products just because they're vegan? Found any gems? Or anything absolutely appalling?

They weren't a total waste.
They provided fuel for some ballet!

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