My Favourite Macrobiotic Vegan Chef + Recipe: Coconut Bliss Granola

Christy Morgan photo

Say hello to Christy Morgan from The Blissful Chef!

She has a smashing new recipe book coming out called Blissful Bites that you can preorder now!

What inspired your new book Blissful Bites?

Over the years as a business owner (meal delivery, personal chef and teacher) I created many recipes and wanted to be able to share those with others. So I started blogging and joined the Meatless Monday campaign to showcase my healthy, vegan macrobiotic-influenced recipes with the world. I felt like I had something to share that wasn't out there already; a philosophy that mixed veganism, macrobiotics, raw food, allergy-free diets, and a general sense of well-being from food. When I ate in a clean way I felt better than ever and wanted to share that experience with others. So that is when The Blissful Chef was born, and Blissful Bites was conceived from that.

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Blissful Bites is for anyone that wants to experience pure bliss or happiness

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