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Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas! Lo, Saturnalia! Happy Yule/Litha/solstice/day off work! I hope you all enjoy a happy vegan feasting during this break. And if you are not yet vegan, then now’s the time to go vegan as a gift to other animals, … Continue reading

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I’m MoFo inspired!

An actual blog update, oh no! I’ve borrowed this survey from my friend Nicole, who is the wondrous wonderful beacon of inspiring wonderment glowing in the vegan firmament who originally inspired me to throw caution to the wind (and vegan … Continue reading

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Hello, Mr Blog & Friends

I’m not the most dedicated blogger on the planet, I’ll admit. I’ve been meaning to update. Been a bit busy with organising the wedding, ill grandfather worries, writing words forming sentences forming paragraphs filling pages, drinking copious amounts of tea, … Continue reading

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This just in…

Leftover masoor tamatar dal on toasted gluten-free bread makes a superb breakfast. I’ll post further updates on this very important issue as they come to hand.

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