Kitteh-heavy Vegan MoFo 2013 Wrap-Up

I fell behind in MoFo-ing a little. This has been my busiest month of the year since driving halfway across the continent for 4 long damn days. So, in an effort to redeem myself, I give you: my (short-ish) answers to all of the 30 writing prompts... almost.

Your Origin Story (what led you to become vegan?)
I wanted to go vegetarian since I was about 10 because I loved animals and thought raw meat was a pretty gross and obviously cruel. I tried going veg at 19 when I went off to university, and a doctor told me I had a cold and would stay sickly because I was lacto-ova vegetarian, so I quit. (This is also why I don't pay a lot of heed to doctors in-general these days! With very few exceptions.) At around 23-24, I woke up after a dream (I can't remember now) and hopped straight on the internet to order go vegetarian starter kits

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Photos of vegan food, raw food, cats, baby... and stuff in general

Morning sleep-in.

Broccoli monster!

Yummy fresh stuffs from the local farmer's market.

Brain food
Consumin' brain food in the car!

One of these fuzzies is not like the other... (Mao!)

Happy faces!
Happy faces! Fuji kitty & baby smiles-a-lot.

Car trip
HAIRCUTS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. That's where we were off to. CHOP CHOP. Haven't finished my hair update yet, though. Haircut was only stage 1! More later... unless I destroy my hair & have to hide away for a few months. ;P

David's pesto pizza
David cooked a pesto pizza.

Chopstick vs Grassblade: FIGHT!... Well, if you want to be entertained in a mall food court, you have to be creative.

fruity thief
Fruity thief enjoys her spoils. (Ali managed to pick up some fruit while we were shopping without us noticing! We went back & paid 40 cents for this plum. Shopguy was very amused.)

raw pizza base
Raw pizza base in the dehydrator for tonight's dinner.

salty chocolate balls
David wanted me to show you his "salty chocolate balls." K THX. He made them this

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More recipes are a-comin, boy. Meanwhile, here are some vegan cats:

This is Fuji.

He has a hard life.

Sitting cat
He likes to sit up like human people.

Mao in the garden
This is Mao.

Standing cat
Mao doesn't just sit up. She stands up. The world is doomed.

cat doom

The vegan rats will save us!

This is Alice. N'awwwww.

Adopted fish?

Angels Catfish Sucker

Coffee, Tea, Agave, Phenylalanine, Sugar, & Mr McSuckerson.

I could go on all day. But I won't, because I have wedding things to prepare, food to eat, friends to feed, and a steampunk-themed party to attend. I bid you farewell!

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