Lunch at From Earth And Water

I've been eating out a little more frequently the last couple of weeks. We used to eat out quite a lot before we had kids... Those were the spendy vegan days! Anywho, since those relatively quiet, non-busy, carefree days have passed into lively, exciting familydom, the first raw food restaurants in Australia opened - among them fRom eArth and Water - and it's one of our favourite vegan places to eat out now. Pretty darn impressive! Our friend Angela took us out for lunch and I took a few photos of the fancy noms...

In the middle: a green smoothie and strawberry ginger smoothie.

From left, clockwise: soft corn tortillas with almond feta & salsa & lime aioli,
courgette/zucchini and aged cashew cheese ravioli,
shaved fennel & almond cheese & leek & lentil salad,
mini tacos with avo salsa & mango salsa & cashew sour cream

From top, clockwise: Raw snickers, Banana cream pie, Lime cream mango tart


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eating out, family, raw food

Recent Eats

eating out, family, raw food

In The Raw @Home

Since my pregnancy nausea has settled down (which didn't take long, thankfully! so long as I steer clear of onions) I've been eating more raw foods and trying out recipes.

lunch = raw spinach dolmas full of pine nuts, dill, dried tom... on TwitPic
A lunch of raw spinach dolmas full of pine nuts, dill, dried tomato, raisins, olive oil dressing - a variation on the Mediterranean dolma recipe from Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen.

Raw flax coconut pancakes with banana & orange+date syrup on TwitPic
A breakfast of raw flaxmeal (linseed) coconut pancakes, with bananas and orange-date syrup, also from Ani's book.

I can't recommend Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen book enough - perfect for gluten-free eating as there's not so much as a trace of offending grains or processed products, as well as anyone interested in incorporating more crisp, fresh, raw food into their diet. Her stuff is so creative, and much quicker to make than one would expect. Check out Ani Phyo's videos on Youtube for examples of that.

Snacking @Out&About

Combo meal! Mmm. on TwitPic
Combo meal at Kuan Yin

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Vegan Wedding Eats Around the World

It's not just me and my husband with a vegan wedding reception menu and towering cake:

(Created by Jane at The Forest (who also made cakes for Pamela Anderson on her recent visit to Australia).)

Comedienne/talk show host Ellen and her Aussie Arrested Development actress Portia de Rossi also had a vegan wedding:

"After exchanging rings, the couple and their guests enjoyed an all-vegan menu and vegan red velvet wedding cake." [link]

The all-vegan meal was created by personal chef David Silberkleit, and Sweet Lady Jane created a vegan red velvet cake.

FIRST LOOK: Ellen & Portia's Wedding Album


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Vegan Wedding Reception!

This is the shiznit. I'm almost looking forward to my wedding now! Here's our 5-star 3-course meal that we're having at a veg-friendly restaurant on the river. It will be followed by a gluten-free vegan wedding cake as well, made by the nice cake making folks at the The Forest. These photos aren't much good, but you can thank/abuse Nokia for putting crap cameras in their phones. You could also thank/abuse us for not remembering to take a decent camera with us to the food test-run, but you're just not the sort of person who'd do that, right? We're all friends here, right? Hugs for all! Anyway... The food was all very nice, moderately stodgy, simple, rather darn tasty 5-star fare, with a forktonne of that more-expensive-than-gold mushroomy truffle oil stuff poured over half of it. Yumbo!


Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Stack with Roast Tomato Sauce and Red Onion Marmalade.

Grilled Field Mushrooms, Toasted Olive Bread Asparagus and

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