Greetings, Vegan MoFos

Long time, no posty. However, it's September! As well as being the beginning of Spring (or Autumn in the north) and that can only mean one thing in the Veganverse...

[caption width="500" align="aligncenter"]Go hard. Nom all the things.[/caption]

The month of September is the Vegan Month of Food fest for 2013, so I thought it was the perfect time to get back to blogging.

Hi! Catch-up time. It's been a while.

I've moved... AGAIN. I left the capital of the Outback, and headed back to the cooler, foodier east coast of Australia. That was nearly a 4 day drive through some of the the most isolated places in this country... in the world, really. Australia has crowded coasts, and a fairly empty interior... that goes on and on and on and on, for days and days and days. Straight roads. Oh, for the novelty of a sharp corner or a tree that's taller than I am

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Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas! Lo, Saturnalia! Happy Yule/Litha/solstice/day off work! I hope you all enjoy a happy vegan feasting during this break.

And if you are not yet vegan, then now's the time to go vegan as a gift to other animals, to your health, & to the environment! And if you don't do gifts at giftmas at all, even non-consumerist gifts of non-violence*, then it makes for a good new year's resolution as well!

Peace on earth & liberation for all beings.

"As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields" - Leo Tolstoy

*the gift that keeps on giving! For every day of every year.

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The Malicious Cup

Yesterday the Melbourne Cup was held in Australia, as part of the Spring Racing Carnival. During this time, women stick dead birds in their hair, calling it fashionable and attractive, and everyone sits on their lazy asses to watch horses get flogged around a race track. Sound pleasant? A little bit of light-hearted fun?

If you open your eyes and look beyond the fluff presented on your idiotbox, you'll see that it's far from a "bit of fun." Having seen the trauma racing inflicts on horses first-hand when I was growing up, I know even the most well cared for horses suffer when they're forced into racing... Never mind the drugging that goes on behind the scenes. When there's money to be made off animals, exploitation and abuse isn't far behind.

This article from Animals Australia covers a heck of a lot:

Horse racing - the glitz, the glamour, the grim reality.

The Melbourne Cup: a celebration? Think again. The

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environment, events

Australian vegans: 4th October gathering!

environment, events

Calling all veg Aussies: a national event is coming up!

Love Earth Gathering What is the Love Earth gathering? Concerned citizens are calling on your help to save our planet from the impending catastrophes of climate change. We believe that the policy makers of our time are going to great lengths to avoid the one solution that is easy and affordable and will have a dramatic and powerful effect in reducing global warming. A worldwide adoption of a Vegetarian/Vegan diet. If all people in Australia could adopt a vegetarian/vegan diet we could reduce green house gas emissions by one third.
  • 31% of total greenhouse gases in Australia are caused by animal industries – from A Balancing Act (2005), a report by CSIRO and The University of Sydney.
  • It is a simple inexpensive solution that will buy us more time to wean our civilization off fossil fuels. Yet the policy makers are afraid to suggest this idea for fear of
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    An ethical wardrobe: it's so hot right now

    The UK media, from what I've seen, seems to be reasonably vegan-friendly. From pro-animal rights articles to health, they aren't quite so afraid as certain other western nations of throwing the v-word around. coughAustraliacough coughUnitedStatescoughcough*

    The Guardian has been doing a series called The Ethical Wardrobe in their Life & Style section that's worth checking out. Recent articles include info about leather and silk.

    Don't hide from the truth Many ethical consumers excuse their leather purchases on the grounds that skins are simply a byproduct of the meat industry. The reality is not so simple, as Kate Carter reveals

    & More on vegan-friendly weddings!

    A whiter-than-white wedding Wedding dressing can include a catalogue of ethical no-nos, from low-paid seamstresses to tortured silkworms - not to mention the sheer waste involved. Kate Carter explains how to keep a clear conscience on your big day

    Thanks to Andrew Bartlett for pointing this out in his recent blog

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    Vegan Wedding Eats Around the World

    It's not just me and my husband with a vegan wedding reception menu and towering cake:

    (Created by Jane at The Forest (who also made cakes for Pamela Anderson on her recent visit to Australia).)

    Comedienne/talk show host Ellen and her Aussie Arrested Development actress Portia de Rossi also had a vegan wedding:

    "After exchanging rings, the couple and their guests enjoyed an all-vegan menu and vegan red velvet wedding cake." [link]

    The all-vegan meal was created by personal chef David Silberkleit, and Sweet Lady Jane created a vegan red velvet cake.

    FIRST LOOK: Ellen & Portia's Wedding Album


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