Natural Cruelty-Free Bathroom & Beauty Products - Part 3: What I Use + DIY Natural Homemade Deodorant Recipe + Hair Dye!

This is part 3 of a 3-part series about Natural Cruelty-Free Bathroom & Beauty Products. Check out Part 1: Top 6 Things to Avoid and Part 2: Top 6 Things to Look For.

What I Use

In This Photo

Most of the products are organic or primarily organic ingredients - which tends to be the case when buying vegan bathroom products.

Black container - homemade deodorant: recipe below!
Red container - baking soda - for hair and teeth
Jason Powersmile toothpaste - in most vegan shops
UV Natural Baby sunscreen SPF30+ - common in health shops internationally
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from the health shop - face/body/hair moisturiser, and contrary to popular belief, this oil does NOT encourage sun damage - it has an SPF of up to 8, depending on the quality!
Alba sea salt body scrub - or it was until I refilled it myself with salt, essential oils, and more coconut oil! Alba stuff is

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Natural Cruelty-Free Bathroom & Beauty Products - Part 2: Top 6 Things to Look For

This is part 2 of a 3-part series about Natural Cruelty-Free Bathroom & Beauty Products. Check out Part 1: Top 6 Things to Avoid and Part 3: What I Use as well.

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Did you know that it's easy as (vegan!) pie to find great (vegan!) bathroom and beauty products with just a little bit of resolve?

n00bs: You've just come to terms with the horrors of animal agriculture, and the situation can look pretty bleak. Without an established support network a person can feel rather lost and confused... But there's good news! It gets easier. One day you won't know what the fuss was about.

Long-term vegans will sometimes roll their eyes at flailing n00bs who "just can't find anything" because we forget that there's a pretty steep learning curve in the early days. It takes a bit of brain re-training to get in a happy, animal-free frame-of-mind.

Every day there are more and more vegan

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I'm MoFo inspired!

An actual blog update, oh no!

I've borrowed this survey from my friend Nicole, who is the wondrous wonderful beacon of inspiring wonderment glowing in the vegan firmament who originally inspired me to throw caution to the wind (and vegan pies into the faces of naysayers) and go veg in the 1st place! All the MoFo-ing ("Vegan Month of Food" blogging) going on in the blogosphere has also inspired me to forgo valuable sleep and answer the following questions! :)

1. Favourite non-dairy milk?
... Good grief, just one? Well. I love the heck outta my homemade raw nut milks. Almond & date milk is a classic. Macadamia milk is frothy & perfectly creamy, cashew milk is great in tea & in berry smoothies, & hazelnut milk is simply divine (but pricey!). Shop-bought? I usually go for Vitasoy rice milk or Bonsoy. Or a coconut if they look nice!

2. What are the top 3 dishes/recipes you are planning to cook

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gardening, other

Spring has sprung!

gardening, other

Spring has come to the southern hemisphere...

There's coriander popping up in the garden:
Coriander shoots

Cherry tomatoes creeping across tables:
Cherry tomatoes

It's time for lighter, fresher meals, like sticks of BBQ tofu & vegies with a pineapple-agave glaze, with coconut rice and basil cashew salad:

A few baked mung bean spring rolls (in gluten-free Vietnamese rice paper) with sweet chilli and soy sauce:
Mung rolls

And homemade baked beans on homemade bread for those cool foggy mornings:
Baked beans
I'm still working on perfecting my baked bean recipe... I'll post the final recipe soon...

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Wisdom teeth extraction


They told me I'd lose weight. I'm betting I won't. I was too well-prepared. I have been eating the following:

Vanilla soy icecream Kingland fruity soy yogurt Banana/LSA/icecream/yogurt/cocoa smilkshakes Slightly-warmed pumpkin soup Slightly-warmed potato and leek soup Nibbling on Medjool sugar dates

All in all, between snacking and being waited on night and day, I'm enjoying this whole experience far more than I should. All four teeth are gone, and it hasn't been as painful as I expected.. Not pain-free, but not of head-exploding proportions either. Noice.

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