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Greetings, Vegan MoFos

Long time, no posty. However, it’s September! As well as being the beginning of Spring (or Autumn in the north) and that can only mean one thing in the Veganverse… The month of September is the Vegan Month of Food … Continue reading

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I’m MoFo inspired!

An actual blog update, oh no! I’ve borrowed this survey from my friend Nicole, who is the wondrous wonderful beacon of inspiring wonderment glowing in the vegan firmament who originally inspired me to throw caution to the wind (and vegan … Continue reading

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June already? No recent posts? Must be time for a rambly update…

Winter has arrived here in the southern hemisphere, and we’ve had flooding rains and all sorts of “fun” around my city. The cold weather has meant our feline companions have become extra needy and have been progressively taking up more … Continue reading

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The Thinking Animal: Compassion Beyond “Pets”

Anyone who has adopted an animal and brought it into their home knows that animals are more than automatons. For those of us who pay close attention to our animal companions, we’ve witnessed a full range of emotions, mischievous thinking … Continue reading

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Still vegan & kickin

Hey, world! I’m still well and truly alive… I haven’t posted in ages. Between the holiday break, summertime, the glorious drought-breaking rains (well, not quite drought-breaking, but getting there!), family illnesses, a car accident, insurance issues, wedding planning, drama, drama, … Continue reading

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