New Books! New Books! V Is for Vegan and Thrive

New books and tomorrow's watermelony breakfast!

The kid's are excited about V Is for Vegan - Ruby Roth's books have such stunning illustrations, and this one is particularly cute as it's designed for younger readers, aged 3-7. Check out for more info...

... and I'm excited about Thrive! Recommended for athletes during my Plant-Based Nutrition course via Cornell/T Colin Campbell Foundation, Brendan Brazier's book is sure to help me cope better with Insanity workouts and recovery and create some more zing. The forward in this edition is by Hugh Jackman as well: "I have noticed increased energy and more restful sleep. My desire for sugar and salt is waning, and what's more, I am following these recipes, and loving them." I'm going to turn into lady-Wolverine any day now. Yep! Sure thing, bro.

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