Review & Giveaway: The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Bread: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free

Quite a few people stumble into veganism by way of researching their food because of allergies, and if you're one of those vegans The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Bread: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free will dazzle you with its crazy-huge collection of baked delights including sweet breads, muffins, cinnamon rolls, donuts, savoury crackers, biscuits, scones, tortillas, yeast breads, rolls, pitas, bagels, and pizza crusts.

Blogger and author Laurie Sadowski delivers an amazing number of recipes free from gluten, wheat, dairy, and eggs, as well free from soy, yeast, corn, tree nuts, peanut, and citrus. This book is the most comprehensive allergy/gluten-free bread baking collection I've seen to-date.

The array of ingredients used is incredible: this way of gluten-free eating is a way to vary your diet significantly, not restrict it! There are so many flours mixed and matched throughout this book that ye olde world wheat flours start to look pretty darn dull by comparison. With 7,000 edible plants in the

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Is Soy Good Or Bad For You?

Dangers? Benefits? So much drama over a little bean!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Thai Tofu Laab: tofu loaded with greens & herbs"][/caption]In my post on Friday, I mentioned one of my current favourite cookbooks called Japanese Cooking: Contemporary and Traditional that features a fair amount of soy in its recipes - perhaps a bit controversial in some health-conscious circles. But unless you've been diagnosed with a soy allergy or intolerance, being anti-soy is unnecessary: soy is safe and has a number of notable health benefits.

Over-eating soy? Over-eating almost anything is going to catch up with you eventually, but the problem with soy arises when people eat too many processed soy products, not good quality foods containing whole-beans. The fact is that everyone - vegan and non-vegan alike - who eats processed food is eating some soy - it's used as a filler and binder and protein element in so many foods, including most of

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Recipe: Tri-Dofu to Ninjin - Japanese Carrot, Tofu, Sesame Scramble/Salad

My sister-in-law from Japan likes to make us filthy vegan relations this very nommy-yet-simple dish when she visits Australia (along with natto sushi rolls - erk! But the kids - and my husband, har - love natto). She serves it as a cold salad with the carrots julienned. Grated carrot is quicker and great if you're cooking and serving warm, and is closer the the recipe in Japanese Cooking by Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner. In the (blurry - remind me to turn on the lights before I take pics of dinner! oops) photos below, you'll see some grated orange carrot, but also some julienned purple carrot I found at the produce market on the weekend. I served over a combo of quinoa and rice, with wilted sesame-dressed broccoli greens on the side.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Blurry Tri-Dofu to Ninjin dinner."]Blurry dinner[/caption]

300g firm or hard tofu, cubed (small, 1cm) or crumbled 1 tablespoon cooking oil (optional) 400g
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Weekly Wrap: Links and Photos

go vegan Creative Commons License photo credit: daniel.julia

Not on the animal-friendly wagon yet? Go vegan for the month of March! (It's never too late to start, even if you missed the competition entry!) It's easier than you think, I promise. And then try April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February... and next March and beyond! I'm celebrating my 6 year Veganniversary this March! Huzzah!

Asian soy intake: It's higher than you think, and includes mostly non-fermented foods: from the Vegan RD blog. Soy is not the enemy!

More good soy news from Jack Norris RD:

A study from the USA was released Feb 25 showing that consuming up to 1/2 serving of soyfoods per day did not increase breast cancer recurrence among women previously diagnosed with breast cancer, and was even associated with lower mortality among such women.

According to CNN, gluten-free = sexy!!

At CNN: Vegan on the silver screen: the health benefits of veganism. About the independent

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Choc Chip Coconutty Cookies

Husband says, "These have an interesting texture." ... WOT! WOT'S WRONG? He says, "They're really good." ... H'okay, then! I'm not into cooked sweet things much these days (RAW FOODIE ALERT!), but my husband tells me these are blog-worthy.

Orgran gluten-free plain flour mix results in a texture that is somewhere between most gluten-free things & wheat flour things... thus interesting! The peanut oil gives these biscuits a pleasant roasted taste, too... Obviously these biscuits are not part of a weight-loss programme, but they can be used as part of a tasty vegan snacking programme.

& I used agave to sweeten instead of processed sugarcane, hooray. You could also use maple syrup if you are from a certain part of the world where that stuff is abundant & cheap...!

Choc Chip Coconutty Cookies

Makes: HEAPS.
Gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free.

Dry ingredients: 2 cups gluten-free plain flour mix (eg. Orgran) ½ cup muesli (I used our homemade mix of buckwheat, nuts, puffed grains, seeds, etc) ½ cup chunky almond meal

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cakes, experiments, soy, milk

A couple of milk making pictures + cake

cakes, experiments, soy, milk

A photo follow-up to my info post about my milk machine.

There's not much I can take of it, but here's what I gots!

Beans and soy lecithin in the basket:
Soy beans and lecithin
I'm going to try beans + LSA (linseed, sunflower, almond meal) this week, as I'm out of lecithin.

Don't forget your filtered water:
Mmm, water. I fill it up to the minimum level, so the milk is a little thicker/richer.

The machine blending and bubbling away:
Machine bubbling
That was hard work!... or not. Thanks, Mr Milk Machine.

Then I stir in a few extra things... oh noes, additives!
Additive doom
Eh, they aren't so bad. :)

Vitamins to fortify the milk with:
B12 & a wee bit of calcium. I love my mortar and pestle. Smashing things in it is rather FUN.

But are you still wondering if soy good or bad for you? (It's ok!)

Last week I attempted to make/invent a gluten-free mostly-organic double orange & coconut cake.

Cake in the oven

I looked

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