Visitors from Sydney! What We Ate: Weekend Edition

Took a long weekend. Ate a lot of food. Kept rather busy. I photographed but a mere fraction of it.

My friends from Sydney introduced us to their super-happy 7-month-old vegan baby. Extra cute-splosions all weekend. Also, Fuji the 7kg cat.

Our housemate Angela made her amazing dumplings (from scratch! pastry and all!) and a salad from greens and herbs from our garden, my husband made Burmese-style mixed potato curry.

We went to Kuan Yin Teahouse and ate ALL THE THINGS. These were a few of our favourites (not including the tofu salad, which always gets eaten before it can be photographed in my experience).

Taro soymilk bubble tea, bento box salt & pepper faux-fish meal, noodles, purple yam spring rolls, sweet potato wedges in fluffy cinnamon batter that tasted exactly, freakishly like cinnamon donuts!

Mr Chuckles atop a rather excellent gecko statue pile.

Ms Moppet and a new friend playing on a rather cool jumping castle in a sandpit

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