New Books! New Books! V Is for Vegan and Thrive

New books and tomorrow's watermelony breakfast!

The kid's are excited about V Is for Vegan - Ruby Roth's books have such stunning illustrations, and this one is particularly cute as it's designed for younger readers, aged 3-7. Check out for more info...

... and I'm excited about Thrive! Recommended for athletes during my Plant-Based Nutrition course via Cornell/T Colin Campbell Foundation, Brendan Brazier's book is sure to help me cope better with Insanity workouts and recovery and create some more zing. The forward in this edition is by Hugh Jackman as well: "I have noticed increased energy and more restful sleep. My desire for sugar and salt is waning, and what's more, I am following these recipes, and loving them." I'm going to turn into lady-Wolverine any day now. Yep! Sure thing, bro.

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Visitors from Sydney! What We Ate: Weekend Edition

Took a long weekend. Ate a lot of food. Kept rather busy. I photographed but a mere fraction of it.

My friends from Sydney introduced us to their super-happy 7-month-old vegan baby. Extra cute-splosions all weekend. Also, Fuji the 7kg cat.

Our housemate Angela made her amazing dumplings (from scratch! pastry and all!) and a salad from greens and herbs from our garden, my husband made Burmese-style mixed potato curry.

We went to Kuan Yin Teahouse and ate ALL THE THINGS. These were a few of our favourites (not including the tofu salad, which always gets eaten before it can be photographed in my experience).

Taro soymilk bubble tea, bento box salt & pepper faux-fish meal, noodles, purple yam spring rolls, sweet potato wedges in fluffy cinnamon batter that tasted exactly, freakishly like cinnamon donuts!

Mr Chuckles atop a rather excellent gecko statue pile.

Ms Moppet and a new friend playing on a rather cool jumping castle in a sandpit

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Pineapple Orange Kale Smoothie

A smoothie so tasty, it beats avocado toast: the proof is in the toddler leftovers!


Breakfasty things

half a pineapple
4 oranges, peeled and deseeded
two handfuls of kale
a sprinkle of chia seeds - a couple of teaspoons
a few drips of liquid stevia Sweet Drops Vanilla Crème*
a couple of cups of water, as needed, until desired smoothie thickness reached

Bleeeeennnnd and serve! Damn, smoothies are such a great, lazy, healthy food!

*Alternatively: some vanilla extract or a vanilla bean, plus a medjool date or two... or several! But, guys: that Sweet Drops stuff is so niiiiice. I got mine from iHerb - btw my discount code is BAQ387 if you want $5-$10 off!

And a cup of chai in my favourite teacup...

Lions and tigers and chai, oh my!

This duck cup belonged to my grandpa, made in Korea. It belongs to a set of mugs with different birds on each - I've not seen too many like it. There's one birdy mug missing

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